Wikipedia Passes Fundraising Goal

By: Doug Caverly - January 5, 2009

If this recession thing gets really bad, maybe the government can just call in Jimmy Wales.  Wales, Wikipedia’s founder, seems to have been instrumental in helping the online encyclopedia hit a fundraising goal, and Wikipedia should be set for at least six months as a result.

Jimmy Wales

Between July 1st and December 22nd last year, Wikipedia collected about $4 million in donations.  This may sound respectable, but it fell short of a $6 million target.  Then Wales stepped in with a "personal" appeal that was plastered at the top of every page on the site.

Cue the cash flow.  A Wikimedia Foundation press release states in no uncertain terms that Wales’s message was followed by over 50,000 contributions – totaling $2 million – in eight days.  A fundraising chart with some sharp spikes backs the claim.  So the operating expenses of Wikipedia’s current fiscal year (which ends June 30th, 2009) are under control.

Wales wrote to users in a thank you post, "You have proven that Wikipedia matters to you, and that you support our mission: to bring free knowledge to the planet, free of charge and free of advertising.  You’ve helped make and keep Wikipedia available for the whole world."

And in case anybody’s still feeling generous, contributions of time and money (with $6.2 million collected to date) remain welcome.

Doug Caverly

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    Great to hear it, wiki is a great resource for all sorts of topics….and reputation management 😀

  • Steam Engine Collector

    Like the pre-commenter said, wikipedia is a great resource and over all they have done a lot of good things to education all over the world. Thumbs up for that.

  • Web Design

    it’s good to hear that Mr. Wales achieved his target. he deserves it.

  • best

    expanding the foundation’s Wikipedia Academies will be a major goal in the coming year. The program sends Wikimedia staff to institutions around the world for discussions with experts in different fields.

  • Young Web World

    Hope it would cross 10 million dolor in this year.