Wikipedia Is Satan

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Wikipedia doesn’t like Sam Vaknin, and the feelings are mutual. Look up this narcissm aficionado on Wikipedia and you’ll find he’s been dutifully erased from the wiki-consciousness, a name that shall not be uttered, or “recreated without a good reason.”

The editors at Wikipedia decided to eradicate Vaknin (who’s that again? Well, he desperately wants you to know.) back in February and not just after his July 2nd column in American Chronicle entitled “The Six Sins of the Wikipedia,” where Vaknin verbally thrashes the publicly-edited info-torium for its alleged lack of elitism, standards, credibility, and proper editing.

Though a “speedy deletion,” where administrators can delete an article on sight for “patent nonsense or pure vandalism,” may have seemed to some appropriate, the administrators did take the time to discuss and vote. Administrators cited instead his abuse of Wikipedia (Vaknik was a frequent contributor to the site) as a vehicle for “self-gratification,” as a “superfluous vanity page,” and (this is the best one) “self-fetishisation.”

But it may not have been his banishment from Wikipedia that drove, among his other verbose and hyperbolic condemnations, Vaknin’s assertion that Wikipedia is “the equivalent of an intellectual scam, a colossal act of con-artistry.” Maybe he was ambushed by a “cabal of c. 1000 administrators,” because it is clear how often this obscure psychology author is correct and the rest of the world is not. And no one knows narcissism like Vaknin.

But it seems it was his closing that really rubbed Wikipedia the wrong way:

that the Wikipedia is actually regularly edited may provoke victims of the Wikipedia into considering class action lawsuits against the Wikimedia, Jimmy Wales personally, and their Web hosting company.

The Wikipedia is an edited publication. The New-York Times is responsible for anything it publishes in its op-ed section. Radio stations pay fines for airing obscenities in call-in shows. Why treat the Wikipedia any differently? Perhaps, hit in the wallet, it will develop the minimal norms of responsibility and truthfulness that are routinely expected of less presumptuous and more inconspicuous undertakings on the Internet.

As revealed in the article’s postscript, that got him an email from Wikimedia’s general counsel, since he “raised the issue of suing” Jimmy Wales.

Whether or not Wikipedia was “a self-righteous confabulation” filled with “like-minded trolls” “prone to flame, bully, and harass” the experts before or after Vaknin was ejected is beside the point. If we take out the bitter venom in his tone, yes, we can agree Wikipedia isn’t perfect. It is subject to vandalism and inaccuracies, and perhaps is “malignantly anti-elitist.”

I’m okay with that. I’m an Aristotelian, pretentious, egghead, elitist, iconoclast jerk, and I still like Wikipedia. Where else can you find information about the imposter king Smerdis and Britney Spears in one convenient space? Sure, you might not cite Wikipedia as an academic resource, but it’s a good place to begin a journey. And you’ll also note, on Britney’s page, that the administrative cabal has disallowed newly registered users editing due to frequent vandalism. So it’s not like they sit back and let things happen.

But perhaps Vaknin should be applauded for his ability to highlight the imperfections of others less fortunate than he. We can’t all be so enlightened. I particularly admired the way he slipped in this jab at my nation of birth just before we celebrate Independence Day:

[Wikipedia] may reflect the difference in academic traditions between the United States and the rest of the world. Members of individualistic, self-reliant and narcissistic societies inevitably rebel against authority and tend to believe in their own omnipotence and omniscience. Conversely, the denizens of more collectivist and consensus-seeking cultures, are less sanguine and grandiose and more willing to accept teachings ex-cathedra.

Yes, yes, we know. America’s bad and the rest of the world is good. Wikipedia’s run by anti-elitist morons when it should be run by the considerably more omniscient Vaknin. Hang on, let me save that to my mental hard drive so I won’t forget.

Click, click. Deleted.


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Wikipedia Is Satan
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  • http://huntingnarcissists.wordpress.com/ SCB

    Too many big words flying around for my uneducated mind to handle. But I do know a few things about NPD and will never be the same again thanks to the education of a wonderful life. I saw felt, touched, loved, cared, hated, angered and wanted to rip the skeleton out of NPD at one time or today. In so much as I know NPD, I know Mr. Vaknin.

    How do I know Ph.D. Vaknin? No not college, as I didn’t even go so far as to a questionable college or take a questionable major. If Mr. Vaknin went to an unaccreditaded college, I would find that to be more truer than if he had graduated from Harvard.

    He has NPD Jason… Read his work, maybe you will understand him a little better. You have now been welcomed into the world of having dealt with the nature of the beast he is trying to, in my opinion, rid himself of through his work in detailing out what he “knows”…

    Or, he just wants to have the world see his work and you, Wikipedia, the “idiot” who created or sold him a slow internet connection on any given day may all meet the condition at one time or another. I’m no apologist, but if the man had Downs Syndrome and said the “SOX Suck”, you probably would smile and say “they sure do!” Unlike how you would respond to the guy sitting at the end of the bar on baseball night, no?

    • Guest

      The NPD I married gave me Vaknin’s book so I could “see myself”. The book helped me tremendously, in understanding what NPD is. But I do have to say, that written by a self-proclaimed NPD, I had to read it with a certain wariness. And I went to other less notable, non NPD sources for additonal info. Vaknin admits he’s an NPD. That alone means we all must question what he says or why. Barring that, he is an NPD who opened up the world of the NPD to those of us who could otherwise never have understood it. That he’s acting like an NPD toward Wikipedia, shouldn’t suprise anyone. Caveat Emptor.

  • Guest

    It sound to me like a room full of pompous asses throwing glares with noses so high in the air that you would all drown if it rained.
    Go drink some chamomile tea and have a nice nap!

  • Guest

    i agree, i don’t know about this wikipedia thing, but vaknin’s writing’s on narcisissm have been invaluable in helping me heal from childhood trauma and abuse

  • Thomas Mathai

    I just want to say “Thank You” to Vaknin for speaking up on this subject -narcissism. I like the education he is pouring into all of us.

    Making everybody happy is a noble attempt. We do not have to blame anyone for not trying that. Because you simply can’t do it any ways.

    • Guest

      What are you on ?

  • serenity

    How many people are enlightened in this world? Only a few. Why? It is because we are taught how to BE loved, instead of love oneself. When one does not love himself, there is NO love.

    Missing this simple concept creates ALL the problems we have in this world. The concept is “Everyone is DIFFERENT and Everyone is EQUAL”.

    So, what are the majority of people? We are all INSECURE, which means all ABUSIVE. Any thoughts of COMPARISON and SUPERIORITY over certain people (age, race, looks, education, money, materials, etc.) are the forms of abusiveness.

    Dr. Vaknin has HIS own opinion, only ONE opinion. Just think about this. YOU heard something YOU didn’t want to hear, which is a disagreement, obviously you have a DIFFERENT opinion. Then, why do you need to COMPARE your opinion to his opinion to figure out whose opinion is ‘right’ and whose opinion is ‘wrong’ while everyone has a different opinion?

    Do you see that this is why ‘abuse’ never ends? It is because seeking ‘right or wrong’ is an illusory; does not exist.

    Do you know why you judge? It is because you want agreements; you want everyone to think like YOU. Then do you realize that you are indeed looking for YOURSELF? Why? It is because you do not validate yourself as an individual; one Self. You are not sure if your opinion is right or wrong, so that you want to BE validated by others.

    When you accept yourself; you have your opinion but only YOUR opinion, you have your feelings/emotions but it is YOURS, and you have YOUR choice of actions, then everything resolves.

    When you truly understand “love”, crimes, greed, fame, competition, comparison, judgments, complaints, gossip, etc. all DISAPPEAR. Isn’t it kind of the world you want to live in?

    Don’t you want ‘serenity’ and ‘peace’ in your mind?
    Don’t you want to be loved unconditionally?

    Now, can you start THINKing what is true?
    All the answers are in YOU.

    • Guest

      “When one does not love himself, there is NO love.”

      Narcissists do not love themselves, under the facade

      So what are you on about ?

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