Wikipedia Founder Talks Consumer-Generated Content for Branding

    May 9, 2009
    Chris Crum

WebProNews recently spoke with Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia for a few minutes, and discussed the past, present, and future of user-generated content as a marketing medium, not to mention several other topics. What kinds of brands do you think work the best for marketing with consumer-generated content? Share your thoughts with us.

With regards to consumer-generated content, Wales says it’s not about whether or not you should be advertising there. The real question he says, is "How should the brands interact with this kind of consumer media? And what I would say is that it depends on whether consumers are having a conversation about your product or they’re not. If they are, you need to be there and engaging with them. But there are a lot of products where there is very little to be said about them."

Wales has a lot more to say in the above interview on this topic and others like the following :

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