Wikipedia Entry Names Steve Ballmer As Some Guy’s Dad

    February 7, 2008

How much do you trust Wikipedia?  Because, for whatever it’s worth, Steve Ballmer briefly became "Rob Dunbar’s Dad" on the user-edited encyclopedia.Wikipedia Entry Names Steve Ballmer As Some Guy's Dad

That was the only "information" anyone ever gave.  At this point, we’re not even considering the possibility of some sort of real relationship or paternity suit.  More interesting is the (probably pointless) question of who Rob Dunbar even is.

According to Google, at least two Rob Dunbars are professors.  Another is an author.  Somehow, we thought we might come along a Microsoft employee of this name, and the Wikipedia edit would make sense as a strange accusation of favoritism.  But no, no luck there.

So we clicked on over to Google’s "Images" tab, thinking that someone other than the professors and author we’d already seen could show up.  Some look-alike – a high school kid, perhaps, who was losing his hair and gaining a crazed appearance.  Again, nothing.  Ditto for the "News" and "Blogs" sections, aside from the original Inquirer report that pointed us this way.  Even a random shout around the office did no good.

Which seems to leave us with just a simple act of vandalism on Wikipedia to report.  Tips or rude corrections are welcome, or otherwise, we’re calling off the hunt.

Steve Ballmer image from Flickr user &nbspgamerscoreblog and used under the Creative Commons License.