Wiki Daddy Eclipses Redmond

    October 18, 2005
    WebProNews Staff

The father of the Wiki concept, Ward Cunningham, will depart Microsoft after two years to join the open-source Eclipse Foundation.

Microsoft has lost Cunningham to Eclipse, ZDNet reported. Eclipse competes with Microsoft Visual Studio on tool development.

Eclipse provides an integrated development environment that allows developers to plug-in the tools they prefer to use from a variety of vendors. Only Microsoft and Sun have not participated among major tool makers

Cunningham founded the first Wiki site 10 years ago. Since then the wiki concept of fast development have led to its implementation in numerous sites. The most notable and famous use of wiki would be the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, which like other wikis can be edited by the online community.

“Ward’s track record of invention in areas such as wikis, patterns and agile development are known worldwide,” Mike Milinkovich, executive director of Eclipse, told eWEEK. “His current interests in open source and developing communities of developers are a perfect match for the work we need to do at Eclipse.”

Cunningham’s own Wikipedia entry does not yet show his career change. It lists his recent work as “Since December 2003 he has worked for Microsoft in the “patterns & practices” group.”

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