“Wii” May Be A Great Console, And A Nuisance

    May 12, 2006

“Wheeee! I got a Wii!” Within the next six months or so, small children throughout America will be rejoicing in this fashion. And with endless snickering and repetition, at that. The Wii is Nintendo’s next-generation gaming console, and up until the E3 expo, details about it were few and far between.

It has been said, though, that the Wii will ship with a “Wii Remote” (how cute), Nunchuk, and the console itself, but without any games. And any sort of traditional controller will not be included, either. There should be other packages available for purchase containing additional controllers.

The Wiimote is packed with technology, including gyroscopes, accelerometers, and more traditional features such as a joystick and force feedback. But in a slightly disappointing development, the Wiimote is expected to use AA batteries. It’s possible that a rechargeable battery will become available in an accessory kit, though.

Wii owners will also be able to access the Internet through the Opera Web Browser. The program was described in a Nintendo press release as “fast and secure with support for the latest standards.”

Pricing on the system is still a well-kept secret. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said in an interview that the Wii will be in an “affordable price range . . . . affordable’ in the sense that the price won’t be significantly higher than Nintendo’s prices have been historically.”

The Wii is shaping up to become an intensely popular new platform. Gamers everywhere will want it, and will probably get it. So if squealing children and scatological jokes aren’t your thing, get the earplugs ready.

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