Wide-Eyed Chipotle Worker Amazed By Mitt Romney

    October 3, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When a young man named Marty Arps struck a pose beside presidential candidate Mitt Romney at his workplace recently, he had no idea the resulting photo would make him an instant celebrity.

The picture quickly went viral and made the rounds on Twitter, where the phrase of the day was “this is the only picture of Mitt Romney you will ever need”. Arps insists his expression is just one he makes when he’s excited, and didn’t think it would turn out to be such a big deal. Obviously he’s never heard of the internet.

Image: Brian Snyder

  • http://none Linda

    Look at that pose! Stiff as a board including his smile. Comfortable around them? I think not!!! Yeah, Romney really relates, yeah, Romney really cares. His body doesn’t lie.

    • Romney2012

      WvRomney does really care. That’s why he ran for president. He cares about our country and what happens to it. Yeah, he doesn’t relate. So? He has the experience, the intelligence, and he has a plan. But we STILL elected Obama. Who, by the way, obviously DOES NOT care. Look at our country: Obama Care being forced on us, millions out of work, gas over 4 dollars, and, oh!, here comes the fiscal cliff. Obama doesn’t care.

      He could care less about the 47%. When you lose your job, where is he? Nowhere to be found. He said it himself: most of the jobs aren’t coming back. We would’ve gotten them back with Romney. Everyone says “Obama’s for the people”. Heh, no he’s not.

      He’s “for” himself.