Why Your Business Blog Shouldn’t Be On Blogger

    September 24, 2007

Here are just a few reasons why your main business blog should absolutely not be on blogger.com or really any of the free blog sites.

• Blogger is notorious for spam blogs and blogger has a (next blog) by default

• Can’t upgrade or add features because you don’t control the software.

• Splits link popularity

• Everyone knows it’s free, harder to attract links with a free blog or something that shows less commitment.

• Your Co0branding your site with blogger which can mucks up your marketing message

• Since you don’t own your blog software, it can’t be leverage and sold the same way custom sites / domain  can ( website are just like real estate)

• The default settings are attrocious for search engine optimization and social media marketing, so you’ll have to spend tons of time and have technical knowledge to fix this. Most people don’t, so their blogger blog dosen’t rank very well or spread on social media sites.

• Most of the design templates are overused, so your site will be recognized as a “generic” template which makes it way less impressive.

• Makes achieving any kind of wow factor difficult.

• Your allowing your content to profit / benefit Google.

• You account comes with a default subdomain – whatever.blogger.com

• None of the cool kids are doing it. (ok this one isn’t entirely true :) )