Why Should We Trust Microsoft To Detect Spyware?

    July 11, 2005

Ed is so right on with this post it isn’t funny. EVERY MICROSOFT EMPLOYEE SHOULD READ IT NOW AND FOLLOW HIS ADVICE…

I get asked a lot “how do we win customer trust?” You know our execs care about it. They sponsor programs like “trustworthy computing.”

But, it starts here with Ed’s post. He nails it. I thought about saying more, but he just so completely nails it that I can’t improve on it.

On a tangental issue. I keep thinking back to Ballmer’s respect of Google (in his interview last week with me he mentioned that Google is one of those companies that does interesting stuff).

What Google did was to nail the trust issue. They didn’t piss off end users to serve some other business end. Now, maybe they were lucky enough not to have other business needs to serve. I guess we’ll find out as Google expands into other markets. But, Google’s primary competency has been to earn customer trust.

If Microsoft wants to grow its business it needs to really get this stuff right. Listen to Ed. Enough said.

Ed Bott: Dear Microsoft: Why should we trust you to detect spyware?”

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