Why Sex Sells, Online or Off

Testosterone's a heckuva drug

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Sometimes you have to be careful not to too broadly apply the results of a study. In this case, I’m not sure if I can help it. Just call me out (as you often do) in the comments if you think I’ve done so. Two recent studies showed a strong correlation between sex hormones and monetary risks.

And that kind of explains everything. Like…

Why do financial bubbles happen? Why does sex sell? Why do men, especially men in power, seem to make bone-headed sex decisions? Why do some men walk into a strip club with rent money and walk outside without? Why do attractive young saleswomen seem to be preferred by pharmaceutical companies? Why is Vegas so successful? Why will Internet users risk viruses and phishing scams to see (yet another) titillating image via questionable links?

Testosterone, it turns out, makes you a bit of a doofus sometimes. It’s all just part of being a chimp*.

In a Stanford study, men exposed to an erotic image were more likely afterward to take a big gamble. When given $10 and the choice to bet a dollar or a dime, men made the larger gamble more often when exposed to eroticism than when exposed to snakes, spiders, or various office supplies.

Meanwhile, across the Pond at Cambridge, researchers found that higher levels of testosterone among day traders were linked to bigger financial gambles on the trading floor. Even more telling, the act of winning after a gamble increases testosterone, which makes men more likely to continue gambling at higher and higher stakes. This is called "the winner effect."

Thus, bubbles get bigger and bigger until they bust. Thus, every crazy risk you’ve ever seen a man take (Spitzer, anyone?) may be due to that dastardly, daring hormone.


*Whether or not you ascribe to the DNA scientists’ assertion that humans are 98% chimpanzee is up to you. But it does help me to explain LOTS of things about human behavior, and in this case, the role of testosterone in putting on grand displays to impress the ladies. Just watch any teenage boy around a gaggle of girls and try not to think of a male ape beating his chest.

Why Sex Sells, Online or Off
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  • http://www.webprogramminglounge.com/ Judi Copeland

    Everyone who knows anything about human nature could understand that sex will turn heads (pun intended), especially men’s.  The brains behind this research must have just wanted an excuse for doing this type of research…

    "Hey guys, we got some project due and it’s going to ruin our weekend out having some fun, so whaddaya say we make this on how guys are especially randy?"

    Sex sells.  And the most powerful person in the country, our president, looks like a chimp who always holds hands with male heads of state…’nuff said.

    • Guest

      err okay?

  • http://www.cheapcharlieshotels.com/ chuckmiser

    Sex does sell!

    I almost have my biodegradable condom ready for mass marketing. I figure it will be worth billions. I plan of using models in swim suits in local malls giving out free samples as my roll out marketing.

     I am wondering, do you think they will sell in green?


  • http://www.naughtyneo.com Naughty

    Sex sells…

    It is evident from the fact that you have used the title of article as "Why sex sells". That itself is an example of how people get pulled into sex than other things.

  • Ralph

    Thank God for human freedom, otherwise, we would alsways act stupid when  testosterone hit our system.

  • markstaar

    I think there is a lot of speculation of whether or not its true. I think what we can all tell is that its a good attention getter. The concrete evidence of sales or leads is more difficult to determine. If you use sex in a tv ad you’ll probably get increased visibility for running just the ad itself based on the # of views you get on tv in general.

    I think you have to cross reference the specific value of the media in which you’re advertising as a variable, not solely rely on ad content to quantify results.

  • Guest (Mizz B)

    The fact that I myself… even a female… read this article only out of all that were displaying, msut say… that I think SEX does not jsut affect the males but the females too… whe word itself provokes interest… that is what brought me here!! lol

    • Guest

      and it does provokes an interest on you as well. how some people are so genuinely honest.

  • Guest OK

    Does it mean that more so than often middle aged men and older (plus who is in power ) get less sex from particularly their long married wives and as a consequence get more testosterone accumulated.   That leads to preoccupation with sex. Their  financial capabilities allow them to explore different ways of releasing their sex drive.

  • http://live-asian-webcam.com/ Live Asian Webcam

    A new study by the three largest sex webcam sites on the net just revealed, that the average success rate (= earnings) of female webcam hosts (they have male customers) is twice as high as the success rate of male hosts (female customers). This supports your theory.

    • http://live-asian-webcam.com/home.php Live Asian Webcam

      Just a little addition:

      1) I made a mistake: it appears to be that the female webcam hosts earn three times more than the male models, not twice.

      2) I just heard that the official results of this study will be published next week. Once available, I will post it here.

  • http://www.edenfantasys.com/ Agata

    For a business owner the researches you’ve written about mean one thing: they’d better include sexuality in their advertising, because it will alienate some of the appropriate audience. Even automobile companies seem to believe sex sells best. Do you remember that arousing Volvo ad titled “We Are Just As Excited As You Are.” ?
    my hot space: http://www.edenfantasys.com/

  • http://udroidapp.blogspot.com/p/d.html Rummy Fight apk

    This site is actually attention-grabbing i am probing for is there any other examples? however anyway thanks noticeably because I found that i was looking for.

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