“Why I Must Pay Up Front”

    March 30, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

This is the sixth part in a ten part series. Read Previous Posts Here.

This is a very common objection and it is often used as a hello test, so handling it properly is very important:

  • I am sure you unserstand that most of our work is in the beginning, and we must commit time and resources to your project that could otherwise be used for other clients and our own ventures; we are also exclusive to our clients, so we must commit to you for at least ninety days without serving your competitors: is the money a problem (shut up – WAIT FOR THEM TO ANSWER!)

If they persist with excuses like I want to see you perform first, or the money is an issue:

  • Oh, I can understand cash-flow, would a credit card be better? (now shut up and let them stumble all over themselves explaining why they cannot put the whole thing on a credit card)
  • Oh I see: so you really would be my client otherwise right now, but the payment terms are a problem?  (shut up and let them answer!)
  • Oh, ok, so if we could make some arrangement you would do business right now?  (this isolates the objection, and smokes out any hidden objections that still remain – often the money objection is not the real one, read the rest of this series!)

If they say yes, unable to think of another excuse, say one moment: call your sales manager, repeat the whole interchange outlined here to your superior in front of the customer, and include all the reasons why the program would be good for this particular customer, then do whatever your manager says to do ;-)

 Stay tuned: this is not smoke and mirrors, it is real-world selling technique: 8-10 commong soon!