Why Asset Management Is Not A Get Rich Quick Scheme

    July 25, 2005

When you are considering asset management consider what it takes to learn the field before you attempt it yourself. What I mean by asset management is more complex than just balancing your check book (although that is part of it).

I mean your entire financial worth, not just the money in the bank but the money that is tied up in your home, stocks, bonds and retirement accounts, everything that you may have or will have.

This is a field for professionals to work in not amateurs. You would not go to your neighbor ‘Dave’ and have him look at your trick knee (unless he was a doctor) and you would not go to see your in-laws and ask them to diagnose car trouble (unless they are mechanics).

But every day somebody goes to his neighbor or to their in- laws and asks them for financial advice.

Financial advice about things like asset management is a complex field that takes years of study to learn. There are many self-help programs on the internet and on TV that encourage you to learn ‘a simple easy system’ to make millions.

Well this is a flat out lie. If a simple easy system could teach you to handle your money and make millions we would have far more millionaires than we do. In fact only those folks that didn’t have a computer would be poor. Don’t be taken in by the advertisements that you get in your e-mail or that you see on late night TV.

Asset management can be learned but you need to pay attention to what you are doing and not give in to easy fads or get rich quick schemes. When you are considering what money you need to send your kids to college, go on that dream vacation or retire to the Caribbean with you are really considering your future.

Nobody wants anything less for themselves than their dreams. If you put your dreams in the hands of professionals you are far more likely to realize them than if you allow Dave from down the block to set your goals.

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