Why Actor Kevin Pollak Prefers the Online Medium

The Benefits Lacking from Offline Formats

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Kevin Pollak, who even if his name doesn’t ring a bell, you’ve likely seen before. He’s a comedian, as well as an actor. He’s played in movies alongside Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis, Kiefer Sutherland, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Jonn Candy, and others.

Not a moviegoer? He’s also played on his fair share of television shows. You may have seen him on The Drew Carey Show, Shark, Ed, or Entourage. Or maybe you’ve seen him in a comedy club.

Actually, there’s a good chance you’ve seen him on the web, and if not, you will (I guess you have now either way). Pollak has his own online show (Charlie Rose-style) called simply Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show in which he talks with some pretty big-name people. He’s had guests like Kevin Smith, Levar Burton, Eddie Izzard, Lisa Loeb, Kevin Nealon, Seth Macfarlane, Hank Azaria, and others.

Are you familiar with Pollak’s work? Comment here.

Here’s a look at the intro from the first episode of Pollak’s show.

Pollak likes the online format for a variety of reasons. He likes that you can get stuff out all over the world instantly. He likes the lack of limitations. You can do a show uncensored, and you can let it run as long as you want. His shows are normally at least an hour long, and sometimes 2 hours or more.

The online format is ideal for inspiring audience participation with the show itself as well. Pollak says he’s had users contribute a theme song, questions for guests, and participate in a "Larry King game" (you’d have to watch the show to understand).

We’re seeing this audience participation with content thing more and more in the online video world. Look at what Paramount’s doing with Mountain Dew, Adobe Flash, and MySpace. They’re marketing with an interactive web series/game.

In another article I talked about using more than just the obvious communities to spread your message. Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show is a good example of how this can happen on its own, particularly with online video in the mix. His videos are not only on his site, but they’re on YouTube, Beet.tv, Blip.tv, Ustream, and other Video sites.

The natural shareability of online video combined with the communication power of social media opens up the doors for a whole lot of opportunity. Pollak has presences on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. He’s even got one on Mahalo. Pollak’s show proves that you can find success online even if you don’t know that much about the Internet. As Kevin says in our interview with him, he’s learning as he goes. It certainly helps that he is already in show business, but if you can provide interesting enough content, people out there will watch it, and they will share it. Best of all, you can reach people all over the world.

How has being online expanded your opportunities? Discuss here.

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Why Actor Kevin Pollak Prefers the Online Medium
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  • http://www.villaralfa.com Guest

    Know the face of course, but wouldn’t be able to put a name to it…….But the ‘big-name’ interviews??
    Only recognise one of the names and that was Eddie Izzard and he’s old hat these days…maybe these other guys publicity machine is not as good as you make out, maybe the people he interviews need one too!!!!


    • Chris Crum

      Kevin Smith is Silent Bob and has created a number of very well-known movies. Seth Macfarlane has like 4 shows on TV including the unfortunately popular Family Guy.

  • http://medic-alert-necklace.blogspot.com sord87

    I have seen him in a few movies with many film star,even though his role is small but he is a good actor too.I am not familiar with his show but a full support to him in his acting career.

  • Guest

    Kevin Pollack’s imitation of William Shatner has earned him a permanent place in my heart…

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