Who’s Who in Facebook Page Fandom

    July 27, 2009
    Chris Crum

InsideFacebook has an interesting page that showcases the popularity of Facebook pages with Vanity URLs. For those interested in celebrity social media statistics, it may be worth a look.

Michael Jackson was launched way ahead after he died. Currently, the Michael Jackson page has 10,006,304 fans. Before he died, he only had over 800,000. At that point, President Obama was the leader, but now he sits in 2nd place with 6,487,191. Here’s a look at the top 30 according to InsideFacebook’s data:

InsideFacebook Page Data

Then there are the current biggest gainers:

InsideFacebook Page Data

And the current biggest losers:

InsideFacebook Page Data

It’s interesting to see that Pop Tarts are on their way up, while the guy that successfully landed a plane in the Hudson River is losing fans. It makes you wonder what Toaster Strudels are working on to up their game.

The information here may seem like the results of a popularity contest, but InsideFacebook’s data is worth keeping an eye on simply to see what brands are making it in the popular categories. If you are still looking for successful ways to utilize Facebook for marketing your business, you can see what brands are successfully gaining fans, and look at what they’re doing right.