Who's Ready For Up To 10 Ads Per Facebook Page?

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Over the last year, Facebook users have been hit with more advertisements on the site with an increase of Sponsored Stories in the News Feed. But those good ol' right-hand side traditional ads are still there too, and it looks like you may see more of them in the near future.

Inside Facebook has obtained a screenshot that shows 10 (count them, 10) ads on a single page. As of now, most people are only shown a max of 6 on any given page.

Apparently, the 10 ads are appearing on post's pages with many comments, so as users scroll down the page they are treated to more ads than normal. Inside Facebook also points out that the 10-ad look is more likely to show up if a user gets to the page after clicking an ad, as opposed to getting there via the News Feed or the Timeline.

10 ads on Facebook

Facebook still stands by the maximum of "six Marketplace ads" at one time:

Marketplace Ads display in the right-hand column of Facebook pages. Up to six Marketplace ads may show at one time on any given page. Advertisers do not currently have the option to choose on which pages their ads appear. Ads are eligible to appear beside apps, photos, groups, Pages, profiles (timelines), etc.

So - more ads delivered to users, but each advertiser's ad gets a bit more diluted. What do you think about seeing more ads on the sides of pages?

Josh Wolford
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