Whooping Cough Outbreak Could Be Worst In Texas In 50 Years

By: Amanda Crum - September 4, 2013

Texas residents are being warned of an outbreak of whooping cough that is growing in number every day. The preventable illness has spread to nearly 2,000 people in the state this year, a staggering number that may well overtake the state’s 2009 record of 3,358.

The illness–also known as pertussis–is highly contagious and spreads through coughing and sneezing; it is also extremely dangerous for babies, because it can cause serious respiratory issues. Two infant deaths have already been reported in Texas as a result of the illness, and although both children were too young to have been vaccinated against pertussis, officials say that vaccine numbers in the state only stand at 94%, well below the national average. With the right precautions, they say, adults can keep from spreading it to infants and young children who can’t fight off the infection. But because so many people have chosen not to get the vaccine, the illness isn’t going away.

Pertussis usually begins with cold-like symptoms and evolves into a cough that won’t go away; patients often complain of sore ribs after a few days. Anyone suspected of carrying the pertussis bacteria is urged to stay away from babies and young children and to undergo a round of antibiotics for at least a week before returning to work or school.

Amanda Crum

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  • cindyd

    Immunize! good grief!

    • sugarcat

      if i remember correctly a child can’t even get into school unless they have the vaccinations. personally i think chemtrails are responsable. i think people have had vaccinations. look for more of the same.

  • Goldie Baer

    I had pertussis in January. For SIXTY years in a row, there were only 7,000 to 8,000 cases of reported pertussis each year–until last year when there were 142,000 cases! It’s a new strain and unresponsive to the vaccine. I had whooping cough this past January. Sadly, I was TWICE misdiagnosed. First, I was told it was a common cough with cold. Then when the cough got worse, I was told that it was bronchitis. Then when it got worse, I went to a different doctor who finally did a test that revealed what it really was. I was treated correctly and finally recovered. If you have a spasmodic cough where you’re hacking and hacking and hacking and wheezing and have to sleep sitting up–and you don’t smoke–ask your doctor to test for pertussis. Many times, it is misdiagnosed. If you have it, don’t drink cold liquids as they aggravate it. Stay indoors. Breathing in cold air is very agitating to this condition. It is highly contagious. You should not have contact with other people. No air travel!

  • Goldie Baer

    I forgot to add that I had had three vaccines against pertussis, yet I still got it earlier this year. They are included usually in a tetanus shot. The reason the numbers for this disease have been so high is that the vaccines have not been effective against the new strains that have been circulating.

  • Phoebe

    First of all, immunization should be done, period. Secondly, with all the illegal immigrants coming over southern borders, it is no wonder to me that whooping cough is so prevalent. If I am not mistaken, I don’t think the illegals are vacinated in their own countries.

    • Nicholas de Burgo

      To stupid. I have not heard of any whooping cough cases in Mexico. Mexicans, unlike some of the dumb people in Texas, get all their vaccinations. Remember that Texas is also the state that has a measels outbreak because ignorant fools refused to get their kids vaccinated.

      • phillips

        Unfortunately, being in the health care I know illegals are NOT up to date on vaccinations, having vaccinated hundreds myself. Our children did not use to have to get hepatitis vaccines but now are required due to it being brought in by illegals who work in the food industry! Then again, there are more parents refusing to get their children vaccinated because of reported increased side effects of the vaccines (ie. autism)= side effects are really few & far between & have been sensationalized by the media.

    • Carlos Flores

      Sooooo….you would FORCE people to be bodily violated….isn’t that against what the Ideals of this country stand for ……to be secure in our Person,FREE from gov’t tyranny?…AT ALL LEVELS !!!

  • Carlos Flores

    Pertussis,plague,T.B……not to mention all the criminals(illegals),drug wars,tainted food,insect pests,mohammedan terrorists……what other DELIGHTS can we exspect from our “FRIENDS ” from south of the border in old mexico !!!