Whoopi Goldberg To Guest Star On Popular Show

    November 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Whoopi Goldberg is mostly known for her role on daytime talk show “The View”, which sometimes requires her to get down and dirty with the guests (see: Ann Coulter). But she’s only been on a few television shows in the past year, taking on small parts with “Glee”, “Suburgatory”, and “The Middle”. The producers of “666 Park Avenue” want that to change and say they wrote a role just for her.

“Whoopi’s an incredible actor, so when we heard that she was a horror fan, we wrote the role for her,” said executive producer David Wilcox. He added that she’ll play “a mysterious resident of the Drake who helps Jane unlock the secret of the building’s true evil origins,”

Goldberg has been suffering along with thousands of New Yorkers who dealt with massive flooding and power outages during Hurricane Sandy, telling TMZ recently that she’s trying to put her life back together.

“I’m just trying to get my s**t rebuilt,” she said.

  • Brenda Harding

    Whoopi you go girl never knew you were a horror fan that is so cool hope to see you in more love your acting roles.

    • Paul

      She doesn’t even know who you are. She wouldn’t even cross the street to see if you needed a helping hand after being run down by her lovers limo.

  • D1

    Maybe it’s just me but Whoopee is known for much more than the view! And secondly what is the popular show she is to appear on?

  • Linda Smith

    Whoopi is great. Can hardly wait to see her in something new. I saw her live on stage in Las Vegas in 2009. Danny Gans had just passed away and she took the stage in his place. Forty-five minutes into the show a man down front suffered a heart attack. Out of respect for the man and his family, she closed the show and graciously walked off the show upset. Whoopi is a very gracious lady. Her 45 minutes of the show was keeping us laughing so hard my sides hurt. (PS. My respects for the family of the man. Never did find out if he was/is okay. My prayers are still with the family). Storms are not selective of the people they make suffer at their strengths and damages. They also misplace the rich, the middle class, the poor, the homeless, everyone. They are sometimes horrible and leave death in their path. Hang in there everyone. Whoopi and to all of you, God has a plan that we do not understand but it will work out and eventually for the best. My prayers for all of you touched by Sandy.

    • sue

      screw whoopie aka karen

      • Sue H


  • Dona Norton-Heiser

    Next time you are in Northern California, I’d like to cook you lunch, and chat!

  • daf21

    so the oscar winning whoopi goldberg is mostly known for “the view” really? i think the author needs to go do some research.

    • dekota james

      i so do agree daf21

  • Candy

    Whoopi,,,, is a big fat ugly bitch…. She should be fired from the View…

    • Sue H

      Do you know her personally? Then you don’t know her. Why would you make comments like that. Just another hater.

  • DD

    Really! This Oscar Winner is known for the view! Where do you get these writers from?

    • Rick

      The “VIEW” is nothing but a platform for ” WHOOPI’S ” anti-white racist ” BULLSHIT “. Shes nothing but a ” DOG “.

  • andrew

    Whoopi is one ugly dude.

  • carl wesley

    whoppi you suck! GIVE IT UP! you are not FUNNY!

    • http://yahoo lolo

      carl, andrew dd, u are assholes…. didn’t your mother ever tell you if you cant say anything nice shut your mouth… thats goes for writting… Whoopi is great at everything she does….

      • Vira

        @lolo obviously you didn’t take mommies advice as you are calling people assholes. Now wash your mouth out with soap. Oh, I do like Whoopi in some things. Sister Act was very good.

    • Sue H

      Now that was just plain mean. Are you on a daily TV show? Did you win an Oscar? Have you been nominated for an Emmy? No. Too bad. You lose.

    • dekota james

      niether are you carl.

  • mcj5060

    Won’t be viewing ANY form of entertain where either Whoopie or Joy plant their nasty little personalities. Both these women need serious attitude adjustments that allow them to CONSIDER they just might not be THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE.

  • gaby

    Whoopi is actually known for being a really great actress.
    Who writes this crap?

  • LOLA

    Mostly known for The View? Umm have you never seen Ghost? You know the movie she won an Oscar for? And not to mention the dozens of other movies, stand up comedy shows,and award show hosting gigs she has done as well. Whomever wrote this article must be have literally been born yesterday!

  • sue

    whoopie godberg is a disgrace to women everywhere

    • dekota james

      she is not a disgrace to me and i am a woman. you need to just make that quote for yourself

  • Jay

    The negative people have no life.

  • fw

    You can tweet the writer at @MandyGCrum if you didnt like the article complain to the source not in replies that no one reads

  • buofama

    whoopi is a communist racist talentless bitch, nothing more elegant than that. she make s the kardashians look like audrey hepburn.

    • dekota james

      you are a dumbazz. you just wish you had her talent or you wouldn’t be saying that. you just maybe a terrist and needs to shut up and mind your own business or go home.

      • Rick

        Dekota, your the dumbazz, Whoopi nothing but a black racist piece of shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Angela

          You can like Whoopi or like Ann Coulter, but why does your opinion have to come down to calling anyone a bitch? That makes your opinion null in void to the intelligent sector reading these comments.

  • prtyfdup

    Whoopi is a lucky woman to have been given the part in the Color Purple, which she was very good in. She is a good actress at best but that is it. I haven’t watched the View since the first day she came on because she came across as an illiterate, obnoxious, loud mouth and sickened me. Every once in awhile I read where she said something ill-mannered or reacted badly to a guest because she evidently isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer and didn’t do her homework before interviewing.

  • http://none JOE S HILL

    Whoppi Goldberg,despite her politics,as well as being “THE VIEW”‘s
    major corner stone,is still a professional actress,and a good one,at
    that! so it wouldn’t come as any surprise,for ABC to cast her in
    their Primetime series-and knowing her work,i’ve no doubt that she’ll
    do well. i still liked her as “Guinan” from “STAR TREK-The NEXT
    GENERATION”,among some of better known roles. i don’t agree with her political views,,but i still enjoy her work,very much!

  • connie

    Thank GOD we live in America where I can say: Whoopi Goldberg (good actress/actor) sucks as a human (?) being. I can’t get past that fact and would not want to, in order to watch the show.

  • dion

    I cant get over the writer saying that Whoppi is best known for her part of the View. Whoppi Goldberg was an academy award winning actress WAAAY before she started co hosting The View. That let me know that this article wasnt going to be much from the first sentence.

  • http://Yahoo.com Betty

    Hi Whoopie,
    “You” just like every other star in Hollywood, Whom have made it…
    Congratulation, my lady.
    No-one has stopped anyone else from trying to be a star..
    You are human like everyone else…
    and The sooner people stop, with what all the verbal cracks,about everyone else’s Life..and focus on “Them-self’s”.
    and to Just be “Thankful for Whom, You/They, were meant to be, and where you/they are going in this Life…
    You/they, be wasting your time with this Silliness.
    To You Whoopie, You go Girl, You have earned it.
    You grab all those brass rings in your life…and even more.
    *I don’t know you personal, but I love the person I see.

  • Linda

    How anyone could say Whoopi’s not smart is not paying attention. As for the View, she’s like a pumpkin in a peanut patch. I could do without those other four women in a heartbeat – worthless. I am so happy that Whoopi continues to expand her horizons and doesn’t stick to the View. Boy, Barbara Walters owes her big time.

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  • winner

    What the world needs now is Love. Whoopi thanks for the laughs and the tears. I will do my best to help those in need of being loved and accepted.