Whoopi Goldberg And Rosie O'Donnell Fighting Over Office?


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Everyone knows that the women on The View can get a little catty, but most of the time they try not to fight with each other. Rosie O'Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg have been friends since early on in their careers, and don't seem like the type of women to argue over petty things.

According to Radar Online, the two women are fighting over Katie Couric's old office as well as numerous other things.

“They are fighting over everything!” a show insider told the website exclusively, “Like offices, and even assistants.” But the insider said Katie’s old office is a major point of contention.

After ABC announced that Katie would be moving out of her office, Rosie assumed that she would get first dibs on it. The insider even said that it is in Rosie's contract for her to get the biggest office available.

Apparently Whoopi doesn't care about the contract and thinks she deserves the bigger office.

“Katie’s old office is a bit bigger [than the others]. And in Rosie’s contract, she specified that she gets the best office. Whoopi doesn’t have that in contract,” added the insider. “Whoopi has been making such a stink.”

Although Rosie may have first dibs, she is considering letting Whoopi have the office in order to keep the peace and stay on good terms with her friend.

“Rosie is going to give up the best office to Whoopi,” revealed the source. “They’re going to have to revise her contract, but Rosie is fine with it.”

If Rosie lets Whoopi have the office, there's a chance Whoopi may take advantage of her kindness and expect her to give in during other arguments or disagreements,

Who do you think deserves the bigger office and who do you think will end up with it?