Who Will Win The Switch Wars?

    May 4, 2006

Why is it that people can look at a simple sentence – and interpret it in so many ways?

In this Computerworld article, I said this:

“At the end of the day, all the switch guys will need to be able to add significant value in terms of “intelligence” or they will get so marginalized that only one will survive (can you guess who?). It also happens to be better for society as a whole.”

Now, how that can mean anything other than what it says is beyond me, but for those with diminished capacities, let me expand. What this simple statement says is that if you are fibre channel switch guy, and you decide that you just want to remain a simple fibre channel switch guy, then ultimately you will become commoditized and marginalized into oblivion – because unless you are Cisco – or a pirate equivalent – you won’t have the money to survive that kind of war. Therefore, what you need to do is raise the value proposition – i.e. add intelligence and services to your offerings. It can’t be about the cost per port forever.

The last sentence means that I feel that it’s better for all of us if there is more than one choice. Duh.

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Steve Duplessie is the author of the “Steve’s IT Rants” blog, and the founder and Sr. Analyst of the Enterprise Strategy Group.