Who Says Girls Cant Play Baseball?

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Eleven-year-old Katie Brownell made national headlines, cheeks a-flushed, after she pitched a no-hitter in a Little League game in the small town of Oakfield, NY.

Even better for girl-power advocates, she struck out 18 boys. The only girl in the Oakfield-Alabama Little League baseball program, she has now become the only person anyone can remember pulling off the feat, ever.

"As far back as I can remember, I don’t ever recall hearing of a perfect game," said Eric Klotzbach, league president. Without acquiring a three-ball count on any batter, she threw a perfect game for the Dodgers in an 11-0 victory over the Yankees.

In a twist of fate narrowly realized, two crucial decisions almost cost her the opportunity. First, Katie almost decided to play girls’ softball this year instead. The second came during the historic night when her coach was about to pull her out of the game. The scorekeeper balked and pointed out to him what was happening.

"I can’t pull her out," Coach Sullivan said after taking a look at the scorebook himself. A sixth grade girl pitcher with a .714 batting average, Katie pitched a one-hitter in the first game of the season, claiming 14 strikeouts.

"She’s been pitching for three years, but she’s really come on and excelled this year," said Jeff Sage, manager of the team.

Since news hit the wire, Katie and her mom have been flooded with phone calls from Buffalo area TV stations, New York newspapers, and even the "Today" show.

Who Says Girls Cant Play Baseball?
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  • Anonymous

    why do girls play softball when it is harder and bigger then a baseball that guys play with which is smaller and lighter?
    Answer me that.
    It makes no sense.

    • Jason Lee Miller

      Well Anonymous, here’s the Ultimate Oversimplified Hitchhiker’s Guide to Baseball:


      1. Boys can play softball.

      2. Girls can play baseball, too.

      3. Softballs are easier to hit and move slower, because they are great big things that are easy to see, and you hit them with alumninum bats instead of wooden ones.

      4. Softballs are "softer" than baseballs because they’re not packed as tightly. See, when things condense, they become very hard. Try this: fold a piece of paper as many times as you can, take a rubberband, situate the folded up paper on the rubber band so that you can pull it back like a slingshot, and let it go onto your thigh (your thigh is the big, fleshy part of your leg). Hurts, doesn’t it?

      5. Baseballs are harder to hit. They’re small.  You need a lot of hand-eye coodination and skill to hit one coming at your  twig-and-berries at 100 MPH.

      6.. Baseballs can be thrown really, really, really stinkin’ unbelieveably fast.

      7. And they hurt if they hit you.

      8.  And the pitcher WILL try to hit you.

      So you see, Anonymous, bigger and heavier doesn’t always mean stronger or faster, or more dangerous or more difficult. And being a girl doesn’t always mean you can’t play baseball, just like being foreign doesn’t always mean you can’t speak English, and just like commas aren’t always necessary in longer sentences, but they are a good idea.


  • jessie hines


    my name is jessie hines. im 12 years old and im a girl.  i live in hudson wisconsin and i’ve been playing baseball for 4 years now in river falls. i love baseball and i wish i could be the first girl baseball player in history. but i can’t because im not aloud to play baseball in hudson. why can’t i  girls are just like boys there though and strong but they still can’t play baseball why.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      please send me a reply asap because im doing this as a report

    thanks jessie 


    • bennche wersy

      hi i just want to say dont give up your dreams chase them

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