Who Is The Real Ashley Dupre?

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I admit it. All this Ashley Dupre (or whichever alias you prefer) coverage is a bit on the seedier side of news. But she is now officially a part of American history that will never go away, so she, for the historical record, must be documented so that in a hundred years, history students look back and go "holy crap!"

Or whichever teenage expletive keeps them out of Mom-trouble in 2108. That it’s kind of trashy is just a bonus.

Update: The New York Post just posted pics. Hmmm. Tattoos on her shoulder, hand, forearms, and belly. Not artsy, pretty tatts, but prison tatts. Well, what do you expect on a Governor’s wages?

Documenting, though, is kind of difficult when it’s not very clear who exactly Ashley is. It’s worse when documenting the Web/Social Media developments in association with Ashley, when there could be countless posers, and where news outlets change their stories more than an Idaho Senator.

She seems to have a MySpace profile, which was in constant flux and spoof yesterday, and a Facebook profile, which was set up just yesterday, and now even a personal blog which I’m calling BS on because it’s just a little too entertaining and bombshell-dropping.

There’s no real way to validate any of it. But the search sure is fun.

Offline historians would have a hard enough time verifying the woman in the flesh, much less the pixilated version. Her hooker-handle was Kristen. Then we find out her name is Ashley Alexandra Dupre, who was born Ashley Youmans, only to learn she has a much more Italian stage name, Ashley Rae Maika DiPietro, headshots available.

And one report says she might be 32, not 22, at least according to public records for Ashley Youmans. It’s going to take a while to get to the bottom of her…well, longer than it used to anyway.

It’s only compounded online where anybody can be anybody and nobody can really tell for sure. The excepted wisdom is that the address of her MySpace page is this: http://www.myspace.com/ninavenetta. Yesterday though, that page was continuously in ownership flux, and spoof pages appeared on MySpace as well.

Though MySpace never got back with us about that, one anonymous commentator (the elusive Ashley?) explained that MySpace red flags went off when the page went from few page views to millions over night. Always sensible with its reactions, MySpace deleted it, which left that address open to a number of brand new one-namers like Barry, Johnny, Brandy, and Nina.

That last name brings attention back to the address. Why does Ashley Whatshername’s MySpace profile URL point to yet another name?  

The original MySpace profile was restored, suggesting the social network validated that at least the traffic was legitimate.

All this attention has been good for her, if you don’t assume she’s also humiliated or that her humiliation isn’t outweighed by her new fame. Her previously free songs on Amie Street, which offers download prices based on popularity, skyrocketed to the cap of 98 cents faster than even recent Bare Naked Ladies tracks.

Nice choice of artists for comparison from Valleywag, eh?

Speaking of Valleywag, and by guilty association Gawker, they are the chief suspects behind the recent appearance of Ashley’s brand new blog, entitled "High-Class Hooker With a Heart Of Gold." Not because anybody tipped us off but because it looks like something they’d do.

The blog is very Fake Steve Jobs in its sublime, hilarious pseudo-reality. On it, Ashley (or maybe in this case, Nick?) posts the texts of email requests for interviews from major news outlets, brags about her two million downloads, as well as offers from Penthouse and Playboy. All of this makes it sound like she is now very comfortable being known that way and is giddy about cashing in. The best posts – ingenious if created and hilarious if true – involve revelations that Spitzer liked her to call him "Mr. Governor," and was more of a Shar-Pei than a Pit-bull.

It’s good enough that this guy bought it, anyway.

But the biggest tip-offs are the copious mentions of Valleywag and Gawker there, to which "Ashley" links among the gazillions of sites and posts popping up around the Net. Hmmm. Fishy.

The most recent post reveals a $10,000 offer from Digg-founder Kevin Rose to come spend the night…which is either way too good to be true or monumentally stupid. I’m going for the first one, and that makes it very clever.

Still, how does one trace it back to someone associated with Valleywag or Gawker? Well, you stretch it till it nearly breaks. The blog design came from Bill Israel, who follows Jason Kottke on Twitter, who follows Andy Baio, who follows none other than Valleywag’s Nick Douglas!


Or not. The truth is, at the end of the day, it’s not worth investigating too thoroughly, unless you’re the official historian that will be going mad trying to get it right for the books (or ebooks), and who will not be able to rely on the Internet for that true reflection of reality.     

Who Is The Real Ashley Dupre?
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  • Guest

    Give me a break. This girl is sick in the head and has very low self esteem. She is a little better than average in the looks department but not hot by any means. The worst part is our stupid media helping her make millions. She belongs in Jail for 3 months and than needs to do community service and get her life in order.

    She is tarnished and full of lies. Full of lies that 95% percent of the stupid American public wil eat up since they are no different than her….Ok maybe not 95% but at least 70%.

    This is the problem with America today.


    • Guest

      If Paris hilton can do Carl’s Jr commercials after her porn video travelled the planet, then Ashley should sing.

      America truly is the land of opportunity – you can even complain about it freely.

      • Guest

        Another idiot that left their village and thought people wanted to hear what they have to say.



  • Guest

    What is the big deal here?  In many parts of the world, but especially here in Europe, consentual prostitution is a "service industry."  One can choose to use the service, or not.  It’s only Americans (and the prudish Brits) that make a big deal out of something like this.  So, one of her customers was the Govenor of New York.  And?  Get over it and let the Bible thumpers find something else to complain about.  Live your own life and stay out of others’.



    • Guest


      A prime example of why Americans hold eurotrash beneath contempt. We do not intend to sink to your level of decadence, corruption, perversion, and socialism.
      • Guest

        Ah, yes of course. Because we all know Americans are of impeccable moral standards, eh?

        You are aware, you obnoxious insufferable stuck up prick, that prostitution is also legal in some US states?

        Greetings from Europe.


        • Guest

          We’re still #1.

      • Guest

        not sure how the american people can really deem prositution worse than war.   It’s not ok to have sex with someone but it’s ok to litter other countries with bombs.  As for blaming her for taking spitzer’s impeccable reputation down, now that’s a stretch.  Just cuz she had the bad reputation going in on this doesn’t make it her fault, she’s the one who’s staying true to her "shit" reputation and spitzer who sought her out and paid her with american money for her services.

    • http://www.sakara.net Sakara

      Very well said, Jim. Here in America a great deal of money is made by cities and governments using "victimless crime." We are still adolescents compared to Europe. Maybe someday America will grow up.


    • Dave

      Jim please stay under your rock and don’t come out ever again.

    • Guest

      Uh, Jim…the problem is that Spitzer has vigorously prosecuted prostitutes and their johns.  The whoring isn’t so much of a problem as the whoring while going after others for the same thing.

      Maybe you enjoy having hypocrites for leaders.  Some Americans don’t.

  • Guest

    lol this chick is going to get rich off being a whore. Thats awesome, and good for her!!!!

    • Dave

      Think about what you’re saying.  You’re saying that it is a good thing to be awhore and get rich doing it.  It is people like you that embarrass the rest of the American population by showing your intelligence.  Three words sum you up…you’re an idiot.

      • Guest

        Dear Tool,
        it’s called sarcasm.

  • Jersey Shore

    Bringing down a politician..especially a governor who has the reputation Spitzer made for himself..high morals, tough on crime, take no prisoner attitude…WOW!  The scandalous part is not the sex…heck that happens everyday…it is the high priced, sneaky call girl, money laundering SEX that has our attention!! Not the actual girl either….her background story doesn’t ring true. No victim!  She is more than likely a product of the Brittany Spears/Paris Hilton we all want to be a hot horny slut generation. There is money in this…REAL MONEY! I live at the Jersey Shore and have heard 3 different home towns claim her…the final one being WALL..affluent and from the looks of her family’s home, the only abuse she suffered from was not being allowed to drive her step dad’s Mercedes. Wild child doing quite well for herself in her chosen profession and I am thinking she is going to go up the "15 minutes of fame ladder" before fading into the darkness like Monica Lewinsky, Jennifer Flowers and every other & many other sex driven mavens of their day!  Basically though at the end of the day you look at Spitzer’s background, Harvard Education, track record and his predicted potential and think….WHAT WAS HE THINKING???????!!!!!

    There had to be a less expensive, less vulnerable way to get laid! 

  • JR

    I dont buy her broken home sob story, she grew up in a big house most of us dream of. Shes a woman who likes money and understands most men will foolishly part with it for the attentions of a beautiful girl.

    I think she should admit shes had it good, right up until now.  Im not gunna hate on her or anything; I say make that money if you can….. take fame and fortune if its offered to you but dont pretend like you’ve had it rough just to get sympathy.

    Her looks have gotten her over every obsticle life has thrown at her and continue to do so.  If she was ugly she would not be attracting so much interest … shed have been arrested, not making 1 mill$  overnight for selling her song downloads.


  • Bob Dishman

    This is just another thing going on in the sinful world we live in

    the devil is having his way because he know his time on this earth is almost over and Jesus will be coming back

    so the devil is using the sinners of this world to do his work

     Everone better wake up the time of the Lord coming is very near and all the people on this earth needs to repent of there sins and be baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins and be filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost this is the ONLY way you will see heaven this is what the Bible has taught us ones who read it.

    • Guest

      Religion? Really? Is that your answer to people who lack a bit of reason? Is your idea of biblical sin (which is thausands of years old) still valid up against new ideas?

      Have you ever thought about truth and how it seems to be moulded by individuals who need an advantage somewhere? No? Then look at the history of religion and stop putting your "born again" mumbo jumbo randomly on the web….

  • Jes from Jersey

    And it’s all because of us. Im sure she knew what would happen if she got caught and she knew we were all going to make a big deal about it. These days, young girls feel the only way to get famous quick is to "LEAK" a sex video or be part of a scandal with someone big ( i know this because i am only 21 myself and thats how i feel ). Lets face it, if she was sleeping with her neighbor she would still be a nobody. I dont believe her sob stories and i feel its all made up for the attention, just another way for her to get a guy to say "Aw you poor thing, let me help you".  This is a pathetic and trashy way to put her name ( whatever that may be ) out in the public eye. If she gets famous she will probably end up in rehab like the rest of them, if not then she made a quick penny and she will be forgotten. Either way, if it wasn’t for the media, news, radio stations etc. she would still be just another person in this world and noone would know her as anything more. She wanted this, the instant fame, she wanted to be a big deal and i feel that she planned it very well. WE are making her famous, shes not embarrassed, shes not ashamed, shes proud of herself. She achieved her goal because america is too into other peoples lives and business.  We really need more things to do with our free time. Heck, i would love to be famous and make a quick mil, after all its as easy as throwing a sex tape of myself on you tube. All im saying is Congrats to Ashley ( or whatever ) for getting what she wanted. All anyone wants to do in life is make their dreams come true and she found an easy way to do that. As for the rest of you who think this is so awful. . . .i dont agree with the way she went about fullfilling her goals but if it wasn’t for all of you tracking her down and making such a big deal about this, then she wouldn’t have gotten anywhere. So blame yourselves and watch your daughters because we are in a world today where sex is the only thing selling and these days the message to our children is- sex is gonna get you further then any job or any education. What is this world coming to? Stop Pointing fingers and throwing blame around and look in the mirror.

  • Yourface

    I believe to many people feel pity for this girl. It’s funny how she complains how she had no where to go and she was living in the poor when there are people out there who work 24/7 to support them and others if they have them. She’s not a victim. Her 15 minutes of fame are up. It doesn’t matter if prostitution is legal in other countries "This is America Jack" it’s illegal here douche bag. She should go to jail for her choice of a supposed career. It’s not hard to get off your lazy ass find a job and go to college. By the way I haven’t heard her music but I am sure it is terrible what person wouldn’t want to use this kind of publicity to be discovered which will never happen.

    Your friend

    The Instigator 

  • Guest

    for those who dont know, Ashley Dupre is an aspiring r&b singer. and to tell you the truth it isnt half that bad, recently i found that there was a mashup of her song "what we want" to Snoop’s "Sensual Seduction" check it out


  • Guest

    high class hooker?  sounds like an oxymoron to me.

    not to mention i dare you to find anyone from wall new jersey who you can consider high class

  • Mike

    Sorry but this “woman” is totally ugly looking and has poor hygiene by the looks of her.
    She is also a pathological liar who is a high school dropout.
    Perhaps her real talent is on her back….but am sick of hearing about that and grossed out at the vision of it based on her skanky appearance.
    Let’s move on people.

    • Guest

      Do what you want…but don’t try and tell the rest of us what to do.

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