Who Does Google Plan On Buying Next?

    June 15, 2005

Whenever Google (or any of the major search engines for that matter) expands their territory by purchasing an up and coming company, the entire Internet media base responds vigorously, including WPN.

For example, the Blogger/Picasa/Keyhole purchases generated an avalanche of press, and rightfully so. Business moves of this magnitude deserve these levels of coverage. This phenomenon is not unique to Google by any means, either. Whenever Yahoo brings a smaller company into their fold, it certainly generates waves of Internet media responses, and because these outlets increase on a daily basis, don’t expect reactions to subside.

Who Does Google Plan On Buying Next?

In fact, it’s gotten to the point that when people even speculate about Google’s next financial moves, the Internet press responds enthusiastically (again, this includes us). Such is the case with a post made over at Kuro5hin. Andrevan posted an entry titled “Who Will Google Buy Next?,” which asked the obvious question. When news of the Kuro5hin entry broke, a large number of news entries responded in kind (including WPN).

Concerning the Kuro5hin post, the author speculated about Google’s next big acquisition by looking at their history of purchases (also listed) and by looking at some of the up and coming Internet properties that may be ripe for the plucking. The author then listed the potential purchases, complete with a synopsis of why each company would be appealing to Google.

Philipp at Google Blogoscoped was kind enough to consolidate the list, which includes titles only. If you want read why these would be appealing to Google, please read Kuro5hin’s post.

Candidates for purchase by Google

GuruNet (Answers.com)
The Open Directory Project
My Way

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