Who Creates Your Good Fortune?

    May 9, 2003

You create your own good fortune. Do you accept that? Do you believe that you can control your world and your life? Do you know that you do not have to accept the world just the way it is?

A very long time ago, Epictetus told us that the only permanent thing in life is change. That’s useful information! It is even more useful when you decide to use it purposefully. These days you have more computers on your car than were on the Apollo 7 space capsule. Fifty years ago it took four weeks on a ship to go from Japan to California, now it takes ten hours. A letter used to take two weeks to arrive, and now email arrives in two seconds! Progress and change are relatively new concepts to our society. Two hundred years ago, folks did not think much about change. The river flowed and no one damned it! The hill stayed where it was, not removed for a highway or a housing development. People got sick and died, rather than going to a doctor and recovering.

Are you up-to-date in your thinking? Do you know you can do something about the conditions in which you live through the conditions of your mind?

You have a great ability to influence your world. Illustrate that to yourself by writing down the two most important things in your life so far. Really think about it…not the material items in your life, but rather, the two most important aspects of your life. Now ask yourself, “How did those things come about?” Did they happen just by chance or were they things you really wanted? It is most likely that they were things you desired and that you had spent some time thinking about, planning for, or, simply daydreaming about. That is the way the power of the mind works.

I remember driving from one city to another to study music each week. I had to pass through a small town that seemed centered on the highway. Each time I did that, I clearly remember saying, “Oh, I would never want to live here.” Twelve years later, when I was on my own with two children, I finally found the only available position in my field. Where was it? Right–in that small town! By that time in my life, I knew the power of my mind and I was completely amused by the negative affirmation I had made so many years before. You may know that the subconscious mind cannot recognize a negative, so, by affirming that “I never want to live here.” my subconscious was hearing, “I want to live here.” And so it happened. Your mind is powerful.

Opportunities are all around you. Your burning desires enable you to see them. Your willingness to affirm their place in your life and draw them to you is the beginning of demonstrating the power of your mind. Oscar Hammerstein once wrote, “A hundred thousand miracles are happening every day, and those who say they don’t agree, are those who neither hear or see.” Use the power of your mind to draw to you what you need and want. Your thoughts are “attractive”!

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