White Text, Black Background: No!

    September 4, 2003

The home page jumps out and says “professionally designed site for a professional company”. The five picture set consists of good quality images obviously taken by a professional photographer in a home catalogue layout style and I like the olive background colour and the way it merges from the black.

The top navigation looks simple to use and the left hand side navigation should make life easy for the shopper. You say the side navigation is text and I must say it is very clear for white on black I just hope you do the same for the top navigation bar as the images are not as clear as they could be.

My biggest problem with the home page is the smaller white on black text, (the white on olive works fine), as it loses definition on text such as ‘sophisticated style sizes 14+’ in your logo and I can not read the two lines of text at the bottom of the page. To me it reads “Cick on ths oict_re or cescrioton…..” Everything else I would expect, appears to be in the obvious place for a home page.

Your product page again looks professional with all the white on olive text being clear, as before I have some problems with the white on black text and the product title/price is indistinct in orange on black. Is it a vintage dress reference s126 or price $126 as the horizontal line doesn’t appear on my screen. I like the ‘we also recommend’ link, as, if you have the right items there you can pick up extra sales and help the user find those nice accessories with ease.

Would I buy one of your dresses from the site? No, because I’m a suit and tie man, but, if I wanted a dress I would be just as comfortable buying from your web site as I would from a home shopping catalogue.

Julian Tandy
Albany Netherlands bv
Tel: (+31) 71 562 0049
Webmaster – http://www.nissan-dakar.com
Carju1 in the forum.

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