White Supremacist Town: Residents Fighting Back

By: Lacy Langley - September 23, 2013

The small town of Leith, North Dakota, that is currently under seige by white supremacists, is fighting back, according to Fox News. The town has reportedly formed a legal defense fund to stop a longtime white supremacist, Craig Cobb, from taking over the town, which has a population of 24, and turning it into an all-white enclave.

“We need people from across the state to come alongside of us and show support that they don’t believe in what this guy is doing,” Lee Cook, a Leith City Council member told The Bismarck Tribune. “There are a lot of people who could speak up. It’s not tricky. Silence, to me, means that whatever he’s doing is OK.”

With a population of just two dozen in a mostly white county, Leith, North Dakota is apparently an attractive destination for members of the U.S. National Socialist Movement, who revealed that they are making plans to turn the shrinking town into an all-white enclave. Grant County Sheriff Steve Bay is prepared for the worst if clashes break out between a band of neo-Nazi white supremacists and protesters.

This weekend, state residents have planned a “peaceful show of solidarity” with the town.

“We cannot accept this racist hatred they are bringing here. Leith is in a crisis and is crying out for help,” said Jeremy Kelly, a resident of Bismarck.

According to the Reuters, today will be the second day of the U.S. National Socialist Movement’s plan to introduce themselves to the community in what their organization’s leader, Jeff Schoep, calls an “act of good will and faith.” The ridiculous group is reportedly America’s largest neo-Nazi organization, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has the unenviable job of tracking hate groups.

According to the Center, for more than a year, white supremacy activist Craig Cobb, who is wanted in Canada for willfully promoting hatred, has been snatching up properties in crumbling Leith and inviting fellow supremacists to move in and set up a “Pioneer Little Europe,” as some supporters have called it. He has made a sales pitch to the like-minded. He praised the area’s good paying jobs and the selection of satellite TV providers.

Cobb reportedly spends his days in his rough two-story home with no running water. But he seems to have internet because he spends an exorbitant amount of time posting online, advocating for white supremacists to join his settlement. “I only need 17 people,” he said with a chuckle. “You have to have a majority to win an election. If we get 22 we’ve got a landslide.”

In an interview with WXMB-TV in Bismarck, Cobb said he had gotten a lot of offers to buy up land from what he termed like-minded people who believe white people should not be punished for wanting to live near each other.

Schoep said that the visitors would inspect the new property, raise ceremonial flag poles, and hold a town meeting and a news conference. “We have every intention of legally assuming control of the local government,” Schoep said.

“It’s fine for all these other minorities, but not us,” he said. “If you merely speak about it, you’re going to be defamed in this country.”

Two of Craig Cobb’s neighbors are Sherrill Harper, who is white, and her husband Bobby, who is black. Bobby Harper, a 52-year-old welder, said he has spoken to Cobb only once. He says Cobb’s plans don’t bother him much.

“The most extreme thing you can do is hate another man because of the color of his skin, (but) I don’t think we should get too excited,” he said. “I believe right will prevail.”

I sure hope it does.

Image via U.S. National Socialist Movement

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  • http://yahoo.com rachel bland RN.

    another figment of imagine of one who has nothing to do but be a so-called Clown! No sign of what is going on in our USA or the world? “they need to think of ways to help second class citizens, immigration which will come; stealing from the poor, assisting the elderly, etc.

    • jimmypop

      Uh, what?

  • Cleo E. Brown

    Far too often in The United States of America, White Racists are permitted to manifest tangible racism in the society without paying a penalty for breaking the law. This is usually done in the name of Freedom and Liberty. The teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and of Rosa Parks, of course, are especially pertinent in today’s society when you have people like Craig Cobb espousing Aryian Supremecy and racism. This sort of thing always happens when the economy is failing. We have the examples of World I and World War II as examples of this type of bigotry, although the hate and discrimmination was manifested against The Jewish People by The Germans. Just as Germany eventually lost the War and was subdued, so too will Craig Cobb and his associates be subdued.

    • jimmypop

      I’m not sure what you mean by “Manifest tangible racism”, but I think what you mean is just being a racist out in the open. The way I see it, the Aryan Brotherhood, and any of the white supremacist groups are to white people what “Gangsters” and “Thugs” are to black people. We really don’t know what to do with them, so we just try to ignore them. If they all want to go live in the woods together in North Dakota, I say, “Haaaappy traaaails, to youuuuu…Untillll we meeeet agaaaaain….”

    • Vivia

      What law is being broken? This country has freedom of speech and association and thought.

  • Larry

    Even MalcomX was in favor of keeping the races separate

    • IceMan

      So you are saying you agree with Malcolm X?

      • Jeff

        Yeah why not, whats wrong with people living separately, what are all you guys one world communist hippies who want to see every culture and ethnicity ended?

  • Dave

    So… these guys call themselves “Socialists???” Did they actually vote for Obama???

    • richard wyatt

      that was the stupidest remark I have seen on this page. it is painfully obvious you do not have a clue about history.

  • Tony Frederick

    When will we ever realize, that the color of a man’s skin. Has nothing to do with the character that he presents. If you like someone, his color has nothing to do with. What you have learned about the person! I knew a man that called himself a true racist. Until it was a person of color, That Saved His Life ! In spite of how he was raised ! He and found out that people are people, no matter how they look, talk, or what color they are. It is mans inhumanity that is wrong! America is the greatest country in the world! Don’t you think we should start acting like it?

    • Jeff

      Yeah and the United States of America would of NEVER existed if it Wasn’t for Anglo Saxon Europeans!

      Modern America is more akin to Babylon than what it was during its beginnings.

  • http://webpronews.com rob w

    you first have to ask yourself”if i say something about this issue,does this make me a racist,or am i merely concerned about how far other races are willing to bitch and cry about how they dont have rights theirselves but in reality they have more rights than we do in this day and age.”for example,blacks can talk about whites and do it on tv,radio,and of all things have their own black month.we as white people cannot have a “white month” nor could we make jokes about a black man on tv or radio about them liking “fried chicken” or “watermelon”(which everybody loves) without being called a racist.another issue that a white person has no rights to talk about is the “mexican issues that we are facing today”.they come across our borders “illegaly” and have cost the taxpaying american alot of money to send back only to do it over and over again and now our goverment decides that 33 million can be citizens,but you have to remember,they are here “illegaly”,but as a white person if we say that is wrong we are considered “racist” where in reality we are concerned about america as a whole.in reality people the other races are just as racist as us white people,and you know exactly what im saying.there is neighborhoods even today that blacks and mexicans claim white people are not allowed,does this not make them racist too,so if theres a community that wants to be all white,why do they have to have label such as “RACIST”. JUST SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT

    • Jeremiah

      lol I think their called racist because they are a known white supremacist gang … I understand your questioning … almost how I understand when a child questions the way of the world. Unfortunately you are not a child, so the answers to your questions – which are painfully obvious – shouldn’t be offered to you. Grow up.

  • BikerBob

    Why does anyone care? Chicago is black. Newark is black. Baltimore is black. NY is….oh Jesus, what is NY?

    Why would anyone care that a town of 24, in the great frozen north no less, wants a white section. Grow up and ignore it. I know growing up is hard for the media, but they need to try.

    • Ken Robinson

      This guy sounds more like white trash than anything else!

  • Frank Lee

    I’ll start with a joke: I bet the dance club there is terrible!
    But seriously, there is so much real tragedy happening in the world, why are we wasting time on these space cadets in the middle of Whocaresville?
    To the fool asking why is it racist to not want to live with other races: are you seriously that stupid?? And to the guy who wrote the Obama zinger: As you can see, the origin of socialism proves that the POTUS is still running a country that is democratic and capitalist, no matter what the BS media spits out.
    The town is 95% white already. If you’re not happy with that, you’re a goddamn racist.
    I wish the sheriff crummy town called “Leith”, good luck.

    • D. Alan Curry

      “Democratic” and “capitalist” do not naturally fit together.

      • Vivia

        But the Democrat politician and capitalist go together well. Why do you think most politicians are rich?

  • http://scallywagandvagabond.com scallywag

    Of note though is the state’s reluctance to pursue the matter legally against the white supremacists and whether in fact the state can or ought to deny them the right to purchase property despite their political beliefs. For better or worse even supremacists are guaranteed their freedom of speech and belief…

  • D. Alan Curry

    So this is where the Nonpartisan League began ? Sounds like they might have backslid some.

  • http://www.vasumurti.org Vasu Murti

    Meat-eating Christians are like white supremacists! Let me show you what I mean:

    In a 1989 interview with the now-defunct Animals’ Agenda, Reverend Andrew Linzey, an Anglican priest and the foremost theologian in the field of animal-human relations, drew a parallel between animal and human slavery, saying that history is repeating itself with regard to animals:

    “Now, just think of the difficulties that those early Christian abolitionists had to face. Scripture defended slavery. For instance, in Leviticus 25, you’re commanded to take the child of a stranger as a slave…St. Paul simply said that those who were Christian slaves should be better Christians.

    “Almost unanimously, apart from St. Gregory, the church fathers defended slavery, and for almost 1800 years, Christians defended and supported slavery.”

    On the other hand, in a 1991 essay, “The Bible and Killing for Food,” Reverend Linzey writes:

    “…it often comes as a surprise for Christians to realize that the modern vegetarian movement was strongly biblical in origin. Inspired by the original command in Genesis 1, an Anglican priest, William Cowherd, founded the Bible Christian Church in 1809 and made vegetarianism compulsory among its members.

    “The founding of this Church in the United Kingdom and its sister Church in the United States by William Metcalfe, effectively heralded the beginning of the modern vegetarian movement.”

    The church of the past never considered human slavery to be a moral evil. The Protestant churches of Virginia, South Carolina, and other southern states, actually passed resolutions in favor of the human slave traffic.

    Human slavery was called “by Divine Appointment,” “a Divine institution,” “a moral relation,” “God’s institution,” “not immoral,” but “founded in right.” The slave trade was called “legal,” “licit,” “in accordance with humane principles” and “the laws of revealed religion.”

    New Testament verses calling for obedience and subservience on the part of slaves (Titus 2:9-10, Ephesians 6:5-9, Colossians 3:22-25, I Peter 2:18-25) and respect for the master (I Timothy 6:1-2, Ephesians 6:5-9) were often cited in order to justify human slavery. Some of Jesus’ parables refer to human slaves. Paul’s epistle to Philemon concerns a runaway slave returned to his master.

    Quoting Isaiah 61:1, Luke 4:18, Colossians 3:11 or Galatians 3:28 as verses in favor of abolition in the 18th or 19th century would have been met with the kind of reaction animal activists receive today when citing biblical verses in favor of vegetarianism and the compassionate and humane treatment of animals.

    The Quakers were one of the earliest Christian denominations to condemn (human) slavery.

    “Paul’s outright endorsement of slavery should be an undying embarrassment to Christianity as long as they hold the entire New Testament to be the word of God,” wrote Quaker physician Dr. Charles P. Vaclavik in his 1986 book, The Vegetarianism of Jesus Christ: the Pacifism, Communalism, and Vegetarianism of Primitive Christianity.

    “Without a doubt, the American slaveholders quoted Paul again and again to substantiate their right to hold slaves.

    “The moralist movement to abolish slavery had to go to non-biblical sources to demonstrate the immoral nature of slavery. The abolitionists could not turn to Christian sources to condemn slavery, for Christianity had become the bastion of the evil practice through its endorsement by the Apostle Paul.

    “Only the Old Testament gave the abolitionist any Biblical support in his effort to free the slaves. ‘You shall not surrender to his master a slave who has taken refuge with you.’ (Deuteronomy 23-15) What a pittance of material opposing slavery from a book supposedly representing the word of God.”

    In 1852 Josiah Priest wrote Bible Defense of Slavery. Others claimed blacks were subhuman. Buckner H. Payne, calling himself “Ariel,” wrote in 1867, “the tempter in the Garden of Eden…was a beast, a talking beast … the negro.”

    Ariel argued that since the negro was not part of Noah’s family, he must have been a beast. Eight souls were saved on the ark, therefore, the negro must be a beast, and “consequently he has no soul to be saved.”

    I commented in a letter to my local newspaper, The Tri-Valley Herald, in early 1992 that it remains to be seen if organized religion will support animal rights or simply remain an obstacle to social and moral progress.

    “Simply!” say conservative Christians.

    I point out, that was George Wallace’s philosophy, too, proclaiming, “Segregation Now. Segregation Forever,” in 1963.

    “Forever!” they respond.

    But when I put two and two together, and say offhandedly, “Meat-eating Christians are like white supremacists,” suddenly their “tough” veneer disappears, and their feelings are hurt!

  • http://webpronews.com rob w