White Paper — The Corporate Blogosphere

    May 23, 2005

21Publish has released a white paper called “Your Corporate Blogosphere — Selecting a Solution to Enable More Efficient Workplace Communication & Knowledge Sharing”.

As the title says, the white paper focuses primarily on technical issues. 21publish — that sells one publishing solution — thinks administrators should look for the following:

  • Ease of community administration…
  • …the ease-of-use features that integrate blogging into everyday work. For example, corporate blogging solutions need to support email.
  • …single sign-on integration with other tools and services, like the company intranet.
  • …mechanisms that allow users to systematically track both important discussions and follow-ups to comments that users have made to other people’s blog entries are highly desirable.
  • The paper also discusses the corporate blogosphere from a communication point of view. “Corporate blogospheres provide an efficient means to incentivize and activate interpersonal conversations within a company. Current conversations include transient email discussions that do not contribute to the knowledge repository of the company.”

    Management communications, business best practices, technology best practices and internal customer support are examples of what internal blogging could be used for. In summary, the report emphasises these points:

  • To motivate the voice of the employee
  • To facilitate interdependence
  • To organize information (pull versus push mechanisms)
  • (download pdf)

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