While You Were Away…

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A lot happened in the search/marketing blogosphere this weekend and a number of posts were valuable enough to gain legitimate linkbait status.

First off, there was a well-made Google TV hoax that caused quite a stir. Thanks to some elaborate faux videos, some suspected Google was in the process of launching an online television service. There was even a tv.google.com domain listed that also turned out to be a fake.

One of the videos actually shows users how to log in to Google’s double-secret probation beta test for Google’s “TV service” (a beta test that doesn’t exist) by going through Gmail. TechCrunch takes a good look at the hoax.

It seems Dave Pasternack wants a piece of Threadwatch’s competition (hey, $1000 is still $1000) and has started optimizing his “about me” page located at Did-it.com. Needless to say, bloggers like IncrediBILL (who actually changed the name of his blog to “Dave Pasternack News and IncrediBILL’s Random Rants”) and Graywolf took Pasternack to task for his apparent display of double talk concerning search engine optimization.

According screenshots at both blogs, Pasternack has included links to himself on his about page while pumping up the related keyword usage in his biography text. That’s a decent amount of work for someone who doesn’t think SEO is anything substantial. Is Pasternack shooting for the Threadwatch reward or are these changes merely coincidental?

Speaking of linkbait, the crowned prince of all things related to this method of promotion, Chris Hooley, has been interviewed… by himself. In true Chris Hooley fashion, the interview provides some good insight into what makes the man behind Drinkbait tick. Because the interviewer was working with firsthand knowledge of his subject, the readers are presented with an insight not normally found in these types of articles.

An excerpt demonstrates the skill:

Sorry. I mean how do you get the DUDES to link to you?
I drink a lotta beer with them and tell fart jokes at classy restaurants.

That works?
Sometimes. Once or twice. Ok not yet but I believe in the system.

Cool. This is going well.
Hell yeah it is. I just made like 14 bucks on adsense beyatch!

Since we started this interview?
No since November.

From my perspective, I haven’t seen such a skilled interview since Mike Wallace patrolled the 60 Minutes sidelines. To pull this type of information out of your query takes years of training and practice… Thank you Chris for taking on such a tough interview. We are all better off because of it.

In all seriousness, Hooley’s post is a great example of linkbait. I, like a ton of other bloggers, have linked to this because of the quality and humor on display. If you are fighting with the quality content stigma, consider going against the norm in a way Hooley has (but be original, don’t copy his work like others have done).

Other items of note: YouTube is starting a revenue sharing program with producers of original videos. Check out our write-up over at WebProNews and get that unique video content ready. There’s gold in them there vids…

While You Were Away…
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