Which Search Engines do Search Engine Employees Use?

    January 5, 2005

Some interesting data about which search engines are used by search engine employees. Not surprisingly, a lot of Yahoo and Microsoft employees use Google.

Nathan believes this data suggests that Yahoo and MSN employees are not happy with their own product. That may well be true. Then again, I’m sitting here in an Overture shirt and not a WebSourced one. Doesn’t mean I’m not passionate about my company. 😉

Thanks to Robert for making sure I found the data.

Some key quotes from the post:

“So, what search engine do Google employees use? Not surprisinly, Google+Inc.”>100% of them use Google.”

“Meanwhile, Apple employees use Google 87.5% of the time, with 10% going to Yahoo.”

While MSN does better at Microsoft than elsewhere (19.6% compared to 10.23% among the general public), Google is still tops, at 66.31% (Yahoo falls to 10%).”

“Finally, at Yahoo, 68.9% of employees use Yahoo, but a still-strong 29.8% use Google (compare that to Google’s 100% loyalty).”

Read the post for more info.

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