Which RSS Aggregator Is Best?

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Onfolio recently released its Onfolio 2.0 Release Candidate. For new news aggregator users, this is my second recommendation after Bloglines.

Bloglines is easier, but Onfolio is much more powerful and, because it stores everything on your hard drive, opens up new scenarios (like you can read and search your feeds even when on a plane unconnected from the Internet).

If you are still looking for an RSS News Aggregator, this is certainly one you should try.

Real quick refresher course:

There are three basic types of RSS News Aggregators:

1) Server-based aggregators. Some, like Newsgator cross the lines since Newsgator has a server-side service too. Other server-side aggregators are Feeds.scripting.com, MyYahoo, Bloglines, and MyMSN.

2) Standalone client-side aggregators. RSS Bandit. FeedDemon. SharpReader. Radio UserLand. Among these, my favorites are RSS Bandit and FeedDemon. You’ll need to download and install these. They don’t depend on any other application being loaded, and are browser-independent too (for the most part). On the Mac, NetNewsWire is the one most of my friends like.

3) Built in the browser. OnFolio 2.0 adds onto IE or Firefox. Optimal Access adds onto IE. The Mozilla team offers Sage for Firefox users. Pluck adds onto any browser. My favorite here is OnFolio. Pluck is pretty good too.

4) Dependent on Outlook. NewsGator is my favorite here (it’s still the aggregator I use most), but there’s also IntraVnews.

Do you have an aggregator you like more than any of those listed? Which aggregator do you like the best? Let me know.

Robert Scoble is the founder of the Scobleizer blog. He works as PodTech.net’s Vice President of Media Development.

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Which RSS Aggregator Is Best?
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  • http://goodringtones.awardspace.com Van

    super *****

  • Mathew

    What I would like to see to determine which is the best is a feature run down…

  • http://www.myautomatednews.com AutoNewsy

    This article is pretty old and things have changed a great deal since then.  I’d like to see the most recent top 10 aggregators around. 

  • http://www.pahdi.com Mike

    This article helps a lot , however would good if you could outline evaluation criteria in chossing best RSS feeder for news , since there is a lot available out there..

  • http://www.infonary.com Guest

    I personally like http://www.infonary.com they have news on various topics plus their search function is very good

  • http://www.12da.com/maurinetu GCA Green Coffee

    I love it when folks come together and share opinions. Great blog, continue the good work!

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