Which Blog Search is Best?

    April 3, 2007

Last Friday I visited the famous South Park area in San Francisco. It’s a small park south of Market street where a number of cool Web 2.0 startups are located (Twitter’s parent, Obvious Corp, is located in a building on one end of the park).

Anyway, I was talking with a number of people and I heard that Technorati’s blog search quality had seen a fairly large improvement lately and was better than Google’s blog search again. It’s hard to test blog search engines unless you know when an event started and can count up the good links and count up the spam.

There’s no way I can — alone — test out the search engine’s quality.

So, thought I’d open it up to all of you. Which engine is now better? Why? Give us some things to test out and reproduce what you’re seeing.

Here, I’ll start. It’s Videoblogging Week this week. So let’s compare both for “videobloggingweek2007.” That’s a top search on Technorati, so it should bias pretty well for Technorati, right? Let’s see!

Technorati for videobloggingweek2007. 147 results.

Google Blog Search for videobloggingweek2007. 76 results.

I didn’t see any obvious spam, did you? I think there might have been one on Google’s results, but it’s hard to tell spam blog, or splog, from actual real blogs anymore.

Also, I didn’t notice any duplicates on either service, did you? How about on the searches you’ve tried? It does look like Technorati has pulled ahead again in this race. The UI on Technorati is certainly ahead of Google’s, especially with the little chart of how many mentions a term has gotten. Search Technorati for EMI, for instance, and you can see that it really spiked today because they announced non-DRM music which got a lot of bloggers all excited.

So, try some searches of your own. Which engine is working best for you?