Where’s the Network?

    February 14, 2006

Podshow, the podcasting service from Adam Curry and Ron Bloom, issued a press release today announcing the launch of the Podcast Delivery Network (PDN).

Curry has been talking about the PDN for some time, noting that it has been under development and testing. The PDN is supposed to “provide the scalability to manage, deliver and track tens-of-thousands of shows, millions of episodes and hundreds-of-millions of downloads, with a complete set of tools for creating, publishing and up-loading content.” Other than the press release, though, there’s no link or reference to the service anywhere on the Podshow site, a curious oversight. There’s not even a link in the press release. Since a press release does not a delivery network make, I guess Neville and I will stick with LibSyn-which has worked just fine-for now.

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