Where Twitterers Go to Complain

    November 20, 2008
    Chris Crum

Kvetch is a site that displays "Kvetches," or funny complaints that are sent to it via Twitter. One "Kvetch" is displayed at a time on the site’s home page, and you can either give it a thumbs up or thumbs down.


"Like most people, you probably have nothing at all to complain about," writes Twitter Co-founder Biz Stone on the Twitter Blog. "However, if you feel the need to kvetch, why not follow @kvetch and direct message your complaints? Theoretically, you’ll fee better. If you don’t, then just complain about it." A more detailed description is available on the site:

Click “Hit Me!” for a new kvetch. If it makes you LOL, click the thumbs-up. If not, click the thumbs-down. Highly rated kvetches will be shown more frequently. To post your own, first join Twitter and follow Kvetch. Then just send a tweet in this format: “D Kvetch Your kvetch here!” Kvetches are displayed without attribution because we want this to be a safe place to let it out, baby.

The site is obviously just a time killer for bored people looking for some pointless amusement. Although, I’ve heard similar descriptions applied to Twitter itself. Kvetch has been around for about 12 years apparently, but the Twitter-based incarnation is of course much newer, and was created by Derek Powazek, Josh Bryant, Jonathan Snook, and Toby Joe Boudreaux "just for kicks."

Kvetch is just an example of one way people are using Twitter beyond business networking  and telling people that they are sitting at home in the underwear watching the Matrix Trilogy. It’s got Biz stone’s endorsement, so it is likely to gain some popularity among avid Twitterers.