Where To Find Small Business Grants For Your Start-Up

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Grants are given every year for a variety of reasons, from small business start-ups, continuing education, preserving historic monuments, to art.

Business grants are usually given to applicants that have a solid business plan, and the more detailed the reports are, the better chance of getting the grant.

When starting up your own small business, the first priority would be to find start-up capital. The best capital to get is the small business grants such as free grants that you never have to pay back, or other types of grants that are more like loans and require repayment with interest.

New business owners and existing business owners are eligible to apply for business grants. There is a wide array of Federal business grants available such as Free Government Money for Minorities, Free Government Money for Women, and Obtain Free Government Money for equipment, rent, offices, expenses and overhead.

There are numerous sources to find the best business grants:

* The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is a major provider of business grant money.

* The Federal Register is another good source to help you keep current with the continually changing federal grants offered.

* FedBizOpps is another great resource, as all federal agencies must use FedBizOpps to notify the public about contract opportunities worth over $25,000.

* The U.S. Government’s Grants has its own website where you can find, obtain information and apply for many of the grants that are available.

* Government’s Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) provides a listing of Government grants and other types of assistance that you can receive.

Federal law mandates that government agencies and private foundations give away over 1 trillion dollars to individuals and businesses. Foundations are required by law to distribute 5 percent of their market value assets or interest income annually, whichever of these amounts is greater, or risk losing their tax-exempt status.

The incentive for giving away grants is great. First, elected officials seeking reelection give away billions in government cash so that people vote for them; second, big corporations save a lot of money in taxes by giving money to foundations.

Another option when starting your business would be to apply for private grants from foundations and corporations. Foundations award grants to businesses that are able to help the foundation reach its long-term goals. In the United States there are more than 65,000 private grant foundations which award more than $20 billion to applicants. Two good resources for private grants are the Foundation Center and the Council on Foundations.


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For more on Business Grants visit Small Business Grants. Susan also enjoys writing at Health and Fitness.

Where To Find Small Business Grants For Your Start-Up
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  • Guest

    I have an idea for a modification of an existing product…nothing like it on the market right now in the US.  Anyone I have approached and asked for  their imput has stated that they would definately purchace the product.  I am a novice to this (any)industry, and am somewhat leery about disscussing the product itself without being protected.  I know this is a sure winner, and would hate to have it stolen.  I tried dealing with an ‘invention submission’ company but was not happy with them.  It is so frustrating to sit on this idea and get ever soooo nervous when I watch the home decorating shows…I expect to see the product on the market before I can put it out myself..I have had this idea for at least five years..I’m tired of sitting on the idea..I have seven children and would love to be able to leave something for them.

    • Guest


  • Joseph McKenzie

    I have for many years have volunteered at drug treatment and correctional facilities speaking and mentoring people those in addicting recovery,

    My goal is to open a Christian based drug recovery center that will focus on education, and addiction recovery as well as spiritual growth. starting a program like this will need assistance including licenses as well. I am in the state of Minnesota and welcome advice and any support and business knowledge to the field.

    Joseph McKenzie

    • Marsha Salisbury

      I’m looking for grant money to help start a small business. I have been taking care of my Father in law for last 6 years and my Mother is in the need of full time care. I also have a disabled sister. I would love to be able to take care of all of them, but they all live in different states. I’m not willing to put them in nursing homes. I would like to buy and remodel my parents home and add on some bedroom and another bathroom. So we could all be together. It would then be call a certificated family home(CHF) Its going to cost about 200,0000.

  • Michael Luttrell

    My son is a licensed Irrigation person trying to start his own business, where can we find a priv or gov Grant to help with this, we have already put together a biz plan for this.

  • zjbickel

    I am in the process to help my community with a business that will bring the community closer and provide a way to help the members of the town save a lot of money. My problem is that it needs start up cost for the marketing, office rent, etc. Unfortunately I have no capital to get started and am currently seeking a grant of some sort. I have no real assest, but I know that my business will be a success that NEEDS to be in place for my town. How do I get started on recieving a grant, and how realistic is it obtaining one? Please… I am trying to do something great to improve my community, so anyone with any advice, please help me out here. Contact me at zjbickel@gmail.com


  • Vonda

    I need help getting funding for my business. I need help getting inventory so I can open the doors any help would be very much appreciated

  • Virginia

    Years ago you could walk into a bank or loan office and sit down with someone and talk over a business plan and receive a loan you applied for… days gone by….

    I am seeking seed funding or grant for start up of a small retail business. I have a business plan, but I lack the collateral banks or even the SBA expects when trying to apply for start up funding.

    The small town we want to open our business in has no retail business at all, and in fact the community has been looking for a retail business to open in their community. This would be welcomed full heartedly, but to have funds to market, secure office rent, and purchase inventory is what I am seeking as a start up grant you do not have to pay back or seed funding.

    Please no Angel groups, or loan brokers need to respond.

  • Edward

    looking for start up funding for a trucking company.Looking for funds to buy one or two trucks. With the decline in construction, I’m looking for a different way to support my family. I have four years experience driving. Looking to get my own trucks.

  • Rose

    I am trying to start a new business and need some funding to get started. I have been selling some Native American crafts and would like to open a local shop for my items as well as other crafts and supplies. There are no such shops in this area and I believe I can do well with this business. If anyone knows where I can get honest help in funding this business please respond to Moodyswolves@aol.com Thanks !

  • Lock

    Me and my wife is starting up a locksmith company and need to find the right grants for us.

  • Tim

    I am trying to start a new business and would like to find a little monetary assistance to purchase equipment and other things necessary to make my company more efficient and profitable. If anyone knows where I can look for some help with this I would greatly appreciate any help you can give.

  • Terrance H. Booth, Sr.

    Currently looking for Seed Money Grant for Start Up Funds to pay for Initial Operating Costs and Consulting Fees for the start up stage of a ‘Indigenous Heritage Center Project’ located in Central Arizona. The grant will be used to cover costs until another larger funding source kicks in. The larger financial resource is within arms reach, we just need the seed money to get this project moving forward and started.

    For further in depth details contact, Terrance H. Booth, Sr. or Terrance H. Booth, Jr. at:

  • hutton

    i need help trying to find a grant that might be able to help keep the daycare center that I work at open. We have come into fincial problems and I would hate to watch another business leave this little town.

  • davidGuest

    I have been made aware that the funding is available to get a start up grant. My research has shown me that being a owner operater of a auto transport company is profitable. But the initial start up costs are beyond my means even with used quality equipment. Any help in aquireing a grant is appreciated. all i find are people looking to profit from my application.. help

  • http://www.grantloanhelp.com/ applygovernmentgrants

    Politicians here in our place are offering scholarship grants. I don

  • Rick Lowhorn

    I Need A Grant To Try To Pays All My Bills and Start 4 Business And Try to Fix My Teeth and Try To Buy A Home If I Can If You Can Help Me Call Me At 615-666-1012 Today Please Call

  • Sanderson VanBaugh

    I am a Master Results Coach specializing in relationship issues.

    I am looking for startup funds and continuing support for free counseling services for families.

  • http://N/A Chuck

    Seeking $75K for unique need business service start-up.

  • Melissa

    I am looking for start up capital/grants to purchase equipment for a ceramic paint store from my home. I want to pass along to the youth of my town the joy of painting and the relaxation it can bring. I live in a small rural town where jobs are few. I am a disabled wife and mother and hoping to bring a little extra income for my family than our single income currently. This would help me and my family out tremendously. Looking for just 5k. If you are an angel and can provide a portion or all, please contact me. I have a plan.

  • Shelia

    I am looking for information about private/corporate grants to help a small business expand and help the community. Dont have funds to spare for information that might or might not help with this endeavour. Can someone here help?

  • Tiffany Burns

    I’m wanting to start my own store .right now I’m selling small things out of my home . How do and were do I go to see about a small starter buisness grant.. I need some help please !!

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