When it Comes to Names, Facebook Doesn’t Play Around

Deletes Longtime User Over Longtime Name

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NakedjenFacebook has reportedly erased the profile of a woman who goes by the name of Nakedjen. The Data Portability Blog points to her story of having her account deleted just because of her name.

Nakedjen is a blogger, and a quick look at her blog doesn’t reveal anything particularly offensive. Granted, I have not seen her Facebook profile, but she feels that she in no way violated Facebook’s terms of service. She talks a bit about her history with Facebook:

I have actually been a member of Facebook since its inception.  This is because the boys who created Facebook were also funded by Draper, Fisher, Jurvetson in their earliest days and so was the company that I was working for at the same time.  As such we were all moving in the very same small little circles in Silicon Valley and I signed up more as a favor than for any other reason.  I already had my blog and was already part of Linked-In.  I really didn’t feel I needed to belong to yet another Social Network.  However, again, there was the whole DFJ connection and I was being nice.

I signed up as Nakedjen.  I made friends and connections as Nakedjen.  It follows that I would be Nakedjen on Facebook as I am on every other social networking platform because Nakedjen is my name.  It is not because I am a porn star.  It is not because I am trying to attract the notice of the porn industry.  It is not because I am single and hoping to find a naked boyfriend.  No, again, it is simply because my name is and has been for quite some time, Nakedjen.

Now Facebook has evidently yanked her account without warning, and has provided no explanation other than "you must have violated the terms of service." This kind of reminds me of the fiasco last summer, when a Japanese woman named Hiroko Yoda was blocked from signing up for Facebook because she had a similar name to a famous green star-muppet. Even though, there were clearly other people on the Yoda Train:

Facebook has said before that it wants people to use their real names, and that is understandable, but it is obvious that cases (like Yoda) will come up and require a re-examination of policies. And what about people like NakedJen who have been using the name since the beginning. She has something of a brand invested in that name by now. Is Facebook right to suddenly get rid of it after all this time? Perhaps a request to change it (at the very least) would have been in order.

When it Comes to Names, Facebook Doesn’t Play Around
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  • http://www.vbpoutsourcing.com KJ Rodgers

    I understand the basic terms of Facebook, but to be booted for what this seems to say, is crazy. But I think Facebook has the option to delete at their own discretion.

    • Chris Crum

      Yeah, she does even mention “What I also learned, while reading each and every word [of the terms of service] carefully, is that my account on Facebook is at will and can be terminated by Facebook at any time for any reason they deem ‘reasonable.'”

      • http://blog.hudsonhorizons.com Lauren

        true, and fair. the world would be a better place if there was something like a 24 hour… or… 10 minute Courtesy Period so we could save some of our info for the future before it vanished into cyber space. but that’s just wishful thinking.

  • http://blog.hudsonhorizons.com Lauren

    Facebook has a knack for deactivating accounts some people put a lot of time into without any heads up whatsoever. I find this extremely frustrating… Facebook reps are NOWHERE to be seen when members have questions, but POW, out of NOWHERE, here they are to cancel your account. Bogus.

    I wrote a blog post about my issues with FB accounts being cancelled for iffy reasons… feel free to check it out: http://blog.hudsonhorizons.com/Article/I-ask-Facebook-a-question-they-delete-my-profile.htm


  • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

    I do not know the rights & wrongs of this argument.The situation shows how complacent people are about their data on third party sites.Do not wait for problems like this to happen & lose years of work.always BACK UP all your stuff on your computer (and back up your computer as well..)when on-line providers decide without notice to pull the plug on you all that has to be done is as in this case would be to use the same name on a similar service after uploading all the copies of everything & informing all your contacts (from the complete list you have) of your new location.don’t wait it could be YOU tomorrow(today) back up today! What are you waiting for do it now!

  • http://www.indiesurf.com Darren Tan

    I never thought Facebook would do that, a warning is required before disabling us. This will lead to more people having issues with facebook.

  • Carol

    Facebook policy on names is totally inconsistent. I originally signed up under my first name and last name, but as most people know me by a nickname, some time after I signed up, I applied to change my last name to my nickname (it’s nothing saucy or risque,). You can’t change your name without getting approval from Facebook, so they approved it and I changed it. Months later they deleted my account – no warning, I couldn’t sign in. As they never warn you, or even inform you, you have no contact email to ask them about it.
    I had to use Google to find a contact to Facebook to ask what had happened and why – they claimed it was because I was using a business name, despite the fact that they had approved the change, and I pointed put to them, it clearly was not a business name.
    When I complained, they did give me the account back with my original name- after I pointed out to them that I was also an advertiser, and if they wanted any more of my money, I needed to have a working account.

    • Bob Staff

      I read in this article that Facebook prefers their users to use their own first and last names. I am quick to point out that Facebook has denied my wife her legal right to use her legal last name of ” STAFF ”
      when signing up for an account with Facebook. Never was a reason ever given as to why our last name was not accepted by facebook, one may only conclude that our last name is commonly used in many area’s of our country in day to day life, and therefore it is not accepted by Facebook. I feel the simple act of preventing the use of our legal last name from being used is not only discriminating, but may also be infringing upon identity theft in some form. Perhaps some legal actions should be taken against Facebook in order to force them to clean uo their act.

  • http://www.2getitnow.com Tommy

    You would think they would contact her before pulling the plug. This is typical of big corporations that enact policies and apply them unilaterally. They have lost their humanness…

  • Me McMe

    Don’t be overwhelmed by what FaceBook says in their Terms and Conditions. All terms and conditions are still subject to law. They can put whatever they like in their terms and conditions but they are still subject to law. For them to allow th use of a name and then suddenyl pull it could breach principles of estoppel etc. These thins need to be considered by users and FaceBook. Obviously, like most things, FaceBook will go on their merry way deleting accounts etc until a legal challenge is mounted to set a precedent.

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  • http://www.coxy.me.uk/ coxy

    My friend recently had her name as “Victoria ‘Idaho Harpoon’ Renfacevonrentastic-Rendel”.

    This could possibly be the longest name on Facebook, and it passed the ‘moderation’ that it had to go through.

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