When Committees Suck the Life Out of Great Ideas

    February 7, 2006

A few days ago, I saw a nice graphic on the Creating Passionate Users blog which was intended to illustrate Death by risk-aversion:

I contend that you can make a very similar graphic to illustrate what happens when too many people get involved in designing a product. Often this takes the form of a cross-functional team of representatives from different parts of a large business. The result is the same: an underwhelming product that excites very few people, including those who worked on it!

Perhaps someday when I leave, I’ll follow in the Xoogler’s tradition and write about some of the things I’ve experienced in my years at Yahoo. You’d be shocked by some of the no-brainers I’ve seen long, stupid arguments over. Luckily I have some pretty excellent stories to balance out those.

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