What’s Your Excuse?

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Some of you are going to get angry when you read this.

On an almost weekly basis I get an email from someone who “really” needs the income generated from an online business, but they just can’t afford to get started.

Sometimes these people really DON’T have the money–they are unemployed, disabled or in some other very difficult situation where getting the $200 or so to start a profitable business is very difficult.

But most of the time, that is not the case. Most of the time they simply don’t WANT to start–not having money is just the excuse they have used to dismiss their lack of ambition and fear of failure. Let me demonstrate…

It costs about $200-$300 to get a solid, money producing, internet business started. That covers the cost of getting solid “how to” information (I’ll give you a link below) as well as the low costs of research, domain name, etc.

If the cost is that LOW, just think what that really means:

* If you have cable TV, you can afford to start your own internet business.

* If you go out for fast food with your family once a week, you can afford to start your own internet business.

* If you go to the movies once a week, you can afford to start your own internet business.

* If you have credit, you can afford to start your own internet business.

* If you have family or friends you can ask for a loan, you can start an internet business.

In fact, almost everyone who writes me telling me they just don’t have the money to start a business REALLY should be saying, “I just don’t have the commitment to start a business.” If you think I’m wrong, just look at your own bank statements for the last three months.

So, what’s your excuse for not making money online?

When you DO decide to get busy online, I have put together a list of recommended resources for you to put to work. You can get a copy of that list by going to:


Kevin Bidwell is owner of


Kevin just finished a complete report on building a passive
income. Grab your copy here:


What’s Your Excuse?
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  • JohnT

    I’ve subscribed to Kevin Bidwell’s course in Feb07 and was scammed $197 plus another $47 unauthorised debit!!

    The product i bought was to learn to make money using blogs with ongoing training. The first couple of weeks things were running fine, then Kevin seems to have disappeared early March!! No training, no contact whatsoever!!

    My credit card was then charged early April by him for $47, which i didn’t authorise!!

    Many emails were sent and no reply about what the $47 charge was for nor honoring moneyback guarantee. His operation is a total scam!!


    • Todd

      I hooked up with Kevin Bidwell’s mentoring program in June or July of 2006 at a cost of $2,499. Things went pretty well at first, however, Kevin was having some health problems and classes became inconsistent, then non-existent, and phone calls were not being answered, and make up sessions were not happening. Finally, in December of 2006, Kevin’s wife sent me an email (which I still have) that Kevin could no longer continue the program and that all of us who participated were going to get our money back in 60 days. It is now July of 2007 (over 200 days later) and I haven’t heard a thing. In fact, all their phone numbers are disconnected or otherwise have been assigned to other parties, and emails don’t get through either. One lady I called, using one of Kevin’s former phone numbers, was very irate because she was constantly getting complaining calls about Kevin, but she had nothing to do with him, she just had the bad fortune of getting a phone number that was formerly his. Needless to say what I was promised didn’t happen and I do not have anything good to say about Kevin or his wife’s promise to reimburse me.

      • http://www.TomBrownsword.com Tom

        I’ve gotten to the point where I’m going to start taking “careful” action and won’t rule out anything. I’m in the same boat regarding the mentoring and the refund promise.

        At this point, I’d be happy to receive an email from Kendra to let me know what’s going on — or even one that says, “sorry, we couldn’t keep our promises”.

        I’ll be moving back to that part of the world early next year and just might start poking around…

        In the meantime, I would strongly advise anybody to NOT do business with Kevin Bidwell. Life happens, but don’t make empty promises. And for everybody else, DON’T make promises you can’t keep.


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