Whats Right with Blogging?

    May 13, 2005

My post last week on What’s Wrong with Blogging has proved to be the hottest post on ProBlogger this week. 45 people have left comments and trackbacks (so far) so its obviously hit a nerve.

Read Darren’s What’s Wrong with Blogging article

The discussion is negative’ in nature as I’d asked for (although one or two couldn’t resist being positive) and I think its one of the more worthwhile discussions to have taken place on this blog this year.

I hope its stimulated some thinking that will help bloggers to improve their craft and perhaps given some blog tool developers some ideas about what people are looking for.

In the interest of balance and optimism its time for a discussion on What’s Right with Blogging?’ I’d like to open up this post to all readers to share what they love about blogging. What makes it something that you invest time into? What distinguishes it positively from other forms of websites? What about it makes you purrrrrrr?

No negative comments will be tolerated (leave them on this one) – this should be a real blogging love fest!

Reader Comments:

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