What Your Business Can Learn From YouTube

    December 19, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

The reason why YouTube, Wikipedia, and other user generated content sites are big is because of the elements contained in them.

These elements can be implemented in your own business tomorrow. Here they are

Element number one is user generated. (Example: YouTube, Wikipedia.) Would you break something that you have created? Would you say anything bad about what you’ve been a part of? If you contribute to something wouldn’t it become more important to you? (Ok, enough with the questions)

The main point is we feel attached to things we create or contribute to. When people are in no way attached to your business idea, content, lead or profit they are less passionate about it. Pretty much they don’t care about you. So why should they buy from you? Don’t answer that.

How to apply this to your business? – Have a section on your site where content can be generated by visitors (customers). How about a blog with guest articles? How about Success stories by customers? Let your customers share how your company made their lives better.

Element number two is sense of community. (Example: BuildABear, Harley-Davidson, Volkswagen). If they contribute and others do the same it creates a “community like feel”, that most people enjoy when it’s relevant to them. People want to be a part of something that’s bigger than them. They want to feel needed and important to others. It’s in human needs to be attached to something that will make them feel this way.

Every kid that built that bear at Buildabear company knows that he/she is part of the group of other kids who have their personal bear. Every Harley-Davidson owner knows that he/she is a part of that huge community. Hey, these guys have shows and events just for them. Take Volkswagen huge, huge owners club.

How to apply this to your business tomorrow? – Add a public forum to your site? A message board. Just like the previous element, let your customers and fans share the “love” and “joy”. This will get your future customers excited and motivated to join the community.

The bottom line here is remove that wall that people can usually see between the consumer and the company. It’s not surprising how companies such as YouTube, NetFlix, Starbucks, BuildABear, JetBlue and many more grew so quickly with a huge loyal fan base.


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