What Yahoo’s Reorganization Means

    December 6, 2006

The recent reorganization at Yahoo has created quite a buzz. The reactions to the news have been varied. Some see it as too little to late while others think that maybe they can recover from their downward spiral. They have been chasing Google for sometime now playing Pepsi to their Coke.

Analyst’s reactions to the management shake-up have been mixed. They are somewhat cautious because of the internal distraction this will most likely cause at Yahoo no matter how the spin is applied. One analyst noted that even with the change the remaining management team does not have a solid enough technology background to turn the company around.

There are also worries about the reorganization because of the upcoming launch of Panama, Yahoo’s new platform. Some are also questioning Sue Decker’s new role in sales as she has a background in strategy and finance.

Others see Yahoo’s latest move as an honest acknowledgement of the company’s organizational and operational problems over the past year. The view seems to be that the reorganization will make the company more efficient in the long term.

There were some interesting comments about the changes at Yahoo on Techcrunch. One post from Christian said,” First and foremost Braun is out. That guy is the biggest turd and was just a dead weight sucking up everything in his sight and spitting out crap.” While another post from John K said,” It’s not gonna work. Yahoo needs Semel gone because he’s not technical enough to deal with the search monetization screwups.”

These latest changes at Yahoo may help the company to move in the right direction. After floundering for the past year the only possible direction they can go is up.

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