What Would You Change About Google Search?

Google's Matt Cutts Tells What He Would Change

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Google’s Matt Cutts, as you may know, frequently appears in videos for Google’s Webmaster Central YouTube channel. In these videos he answers questions submitted by Google users. One of the latest ones features a different kind of (and perhaps more fun) question:

If you could improve one thing or add a feature to Google Search right now, what would it be?
(Tell us what your answer would be.)

Every Google user probably has an answer for this question, and the differences among those answers are limitless. It is interesting to hear what Cutts himself has to say on the subject though, considering he has kind of become the unofficial posterboy for giving webmasters information about the inner-workings of the world’s most popular search engine.

Matt says there are actually a lot of things he would like to see added to Google Search, but one thing comes immediately to mind for him. When you do a search on Google (for example for "flowers"), the URL you get for the results is not just www.google.com/search?q=flowers. There are always other parameters such as "hl=en" and others.

Google Flowers URL

Cutts finds this annoying because he emails search results a lot, and English is the only language he speaks. He says he has even considered writing a Greasemonkey script that would eliminate the extra parameters. He also says he’s tried to get some people at Google to consider changing it, but nobody is very exited about the idea because not that many people email search result URLs around.

"But who knows? Maybe some day I will prevail," Cutts proclaims with a smile on his face.

It’s interesting to look at the comments for Matt’s video. Other people have made suggestions for what they would change about Google search. Suggestions include more control over regular expressions, a date limiting factor on search results beside the search box, and Google Alerts recognizing hyphens in searches.

What would you change about Google Search? Is there a feature you would add? Is there one you would like to see removed? Comment here.

What Would You Change About Google Search?
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  • Dutch

    I would bring back the exact search as it used to be. Results now suffer from irrelevant hits because some words look like some other words, or variations on the term you’re looking for. Very annoying.

    Searching for an URL opens the URL. Google should be a search engine, not a redirecting engine. I can type in an URL myself in the address bar if I wanted that.

    Reader.google.com does not open Google Reader anymore but the main search window. No use, apparently an error.

    Google should work on flagging and such on Youtube. Videos of youngsters hitting and humiliating a boy were kept online while there were massive complaints and the police already had these boys in custody. The ‘recommended for you’ feature is terrible. As being interested in history and World War 2 I now get neo nazi videos recommended which are full of hate. No thank you. And way too many good, honest, decent Youtube channels have been closed due to false claims and flagging campaigns by religious zealots. Incredible that this goes on and on and on.

  • http://www.sitebyjames.com/ James

    I’m sorry but that is brilliant! Same goes for Google Maps.

    Keep it simple.

  • Cursor_

    I would include the Sidewiki information automatically.

    There are so many searches that are complete wastes of time. And having a Sidewiki that has people that have already fallen for bad sites talk about it BEFORE you also waste your time would be incredibly helpful.

    Like let’s say you search for pet food.

    Let’s say link one is a site with pet food but not well designed. So the side comments are couldn’t find things easily at this site. So you would say OK I won’t go there.

    Link two is a site that is actually spam, some squatter site with only a linkpage. The side comments tell you this so you don’t go.

    Kind of like having reviews of products and stores, so too you can have the same with the sites themselves. I know of a lot of sites that are so badly designed you cannot find anything if you really need it. And others that should be recommended.

    Also if you are trying to get information, the last thing you need is a link to a social site that just gives comments or recommendations. You want the real answers, not opinions.

    Having that ability for search would be great.


  • http://totopereira.blogspot.com/ Pereira

    In Indonesia a few times for the same sequence, can achieve the same 5 links in a search using Google. So try to update again. Thanks and also sorry if my words are not acceptable

  • Valeria Vernon

    I should like to know whether the informatiom is fresh or not. Is is not very easy to see WHEN it waswritten, sometimes you just can’t. Information is often – not always – like eggs. The validity / date of issue is NOT a detail.

  • Peter, formal Google search user

    I stopped using Google as standard search engine at the moment I got 20 bakery shops in the USA after asking for a jeans shop in Amsterdam.

    Google is total infected and useless since they introduced ” best payer is on top “.

    I prefer Yahoo search and/or Micorsoft search, also infected but at least you get info about the things you ask.

    Another Google issue is the long term they use to add a site, for eample it took Yahoo 4 days to add one of my sites but Google needed over 14 months.

    Than the ad system of Google, if you subscribe to it you site apears on the right side but the tags you enter start at 1 or 2 cents per click, after 10 min same tag is 20 cents, they say that it is all about popularity..my ass!
    I tested it by introducing a complete never used tag and yes, it started at 2 cednts, after 10 min suddenly 12 cents, keep in mind I used a non exisitng and never use be4 tag ( ioJEROJ or something like that ).

    After confrontating Goggle about this ( nobody uses ioJEROJ as search tag, exept maby a drunken sailor ) they refund me some money but all the normal business are just paying and paying, i call this legal robbery and it is time that Google has to be sent to court.


    • http://www.dirtworks.net Guest

      This is why, no matter what, I never bid over a dollar on anything. The end result of any auction, useless your bidding on something no one want, is some one winds up paying too much.
      I think key word bidding will have it’s day and be gone sooner than later.

  • http://restorations.yolasite.com FLORIN SAFNER

    Hola. Goole es estupendo, siempre es nuuestro buscador favorito. Solo que el posicionamiento web de los sitios peque

    • Peter, formal Google search user

      happy I understand a bit Spanish;)

  • http://www.dinstartside.no Din startside


    • Peter, formal Google search user

      You are not the only one

  • Peter, formal Google search user

    By clicking at the Conduit banner on this site, I subscribed to create their toolbar, it is using Google but imagine the message I got in my Google Chrome:

    Using AppleMAC-Safari?
    This section of the website is not currently optimized for AppleMAC-Safari. For now, please browse to this page using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Our toolbar application works with both IE and Firefox.
    Click here to go to the Conduit home page.

    Funny huh, a Google application that is not useable in Google Chrome, lol


  • http://diamonddealz.co.uk/index.html Guest

    I would change the way you have to trawl through every page to get to the lower down sites that are possibly just as good with but have not got high rankings for search.

    • http://diamonddealz.co.uk/index.html Guest

      Dont know where the word with came from on previous post,could be that I just came back from pub???

  • erge0034

    Well, i would like to be able to order searchresults by release date. whether date in the forum or date when google has crawled the content and added to its database.

    many many times i search something on a subject and top results tend to be comments in forums made in the year 2001 or so, which i am not at all interested in most of the times and which is completely out of date and with absolutely no relevance on what i am looking for, mostly!!

    also i don’t know what a comment or information on a subject which is 8 years old makes in the first 10 searchresults.

    • http://diamonddealz.co.uk/index.html Guest

      I agree entirely.

    • http://www.donate-for-life.com/index.html Gordie

      Date when content was written and time-stamp when Google crawled is a MUST. Any content not able to be identified as to when it was written should go to the bottom of the list.

  • http://www.goodsenseinfo.com Dave

    I would change the way results are returned. As of now, if you type in red chevrolet corvette you will get a broad match of so many non-relevant pages it is ridiculous. to get a phrase match you have to use quotation marks. I think any multiple word search should return phrase matched results first without having to use the quotation marks, then after the most relevant matches it could display broad match results. I am an internet marketer, I write quality content for my sites, and I would like to see the benefits of this.

  • Guest

    This is and is not part of their search results depending on how one interprets “search results”, but I would work on killing the spam sites that appear in their ad-words and sponsored links. These links mostly lead to link sites that serve no real purpose.

    As far as the main search results. Since you can promote and demote a sites placement in the results on your browser, it would be a nice added feature if they made the remove button linked to Google to where if X amount of people remove the same site that it would get red flagged so the report could get investigated further, hence making it real quick and easy to report spam sites anonymously.

  • http://computer-clock-software-desktop.com/ Joe

    If someone makes a REALLY good site right from the start, it takes many months for Google to recognize it. Basically it has to wait until one of the 5 or 6 hits a day result in someone with a good reputation linking to it on their website and WITHOUT the NoFollow tag!
    This makes it VERY difficult for new, high quality sites to get started especially now that everyone knows that if they have a highly Google-Ranked site they better put a NoFollow tag on their out-bound links else they’ll lose their very hard-to-earn link-juice.
    It is nearly impossible now to get a new, high-quality site ranked highly.

  • http://www.fixpcfreeze.com Mats

    I read online that a country boundary that people see on google maps sitting in one country is a little different from what people see sitting in another country. I am not sure if it is true for all countries. But certainly there seems to be a difference in the maps presented to different parts of the world. Probably it is done so as not to hurt the feelings of the people who are seeing the maps of their own country. Has anyone else noticed it?

  • Guest

    Keep developing the Local Search aspect. It is good.

  • Guest

    Brilliant? People searches in many languages.

  • Guest

    Google results are being taken over by the keyword / copy spammers as I call them. I recently did a search and the top 4 results belonged to the SAME company that had purchased different domains to show the same result…

    Google has been around for a long time now (in Internet terms) and the keyword / copy spammers now seem to be leading Google rather than the other way around.

    Legitimate sites are being pushed farther and farther down in the search results — but really, why should Google care as long as all the site on page one carry Google Adwords.

  • http://friendslittlebighorn.com/ Bob

    Please forgive me, but what are the functions of the other parameters such as “hl=en”?

  • Guessed

    KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid!
    … Kill Infecting Spam Slop!

  • http://www.guitarsongs.info P.J. Murphy

    I have never been able to understand why Google decided some years ago to arbitrarily decide what results to serve to a searcher, based on their geo-location.

    In the ‘bad old days’, an Irish searcher looking for purely irish results had to change the ‘Google.com’ to Google.ie’.

    Then – innovation – Googlers from Ireland were automatically served Google.ie, defaulting to ‘search the web’, but with a ‘search .IE only option’.

    Whereas it was mildly annoying for webmasters like myself to type www.google.com into the address bar, only to have www.google.ie returned, there was at least an option on page to ‘go to Google.com’ ( duh, like that’s why I typed it in…! )

    But the further change meant that anyone with ‘non-bricks-and-mortar’ sites, who were targetting the global visitor base / market, kept their SERPs ( or improved them ) for their own country, but dropped, sometimes severely, for Google.com searches.

    I was forced to change my domain from .IE to try to improve visitor rates from the US and UK ( my principal source of visitors – I have visits from over 130 countries each day ).

    I know face the same problems on an SEO project for a .IE client who wishes his site to be globally visible.

    Innovation always seems to continue until it reaches the point just past it’s optimum use…

    • http://www.harleyradio.net DJBOSSMAN

      Google never Pays Us the webmaster very low prices for putting there banners on our websites . I use to get over $300.00 mo. now lucky to get $100.00 every 2years but we pay 35cent a click we sure dont get the and youtube the the same any more I m taken there banners down under protest . my youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnhO73pW4rw

  • creativegb

    When we use a search-engine to look for a software for a particular Use, we are looking for genuine software — preferably the one that has been reviewed by impartial experts. But google-search takes us first to third-party or pirated vendors, and after several tries only is it possible to locate the website of the Company which is the legal architect of that software.
    This must be corrected, please.

  • http://awisersolution.com Rey

    Now with Divs being able to hide content unless you want it Google should had several tabs to toggle for example the various search options. Especially the advanced search option. But Google has soooh many niche searches that most are not even aware of and tabs above the regular search box would not detract very much from the clean Google look and they would only show a different page (expanded for example for advanced search, language translation, etc. only as needed so the clean look stays. But having most or all of the options there would be great to give you a *reminder* that they exist and this make sense to them as they can sell even more ads in the niche searches that are not being utilized enough now.

    Have a configuration page. For example I speak English and Spanish but my Spanish is weak and I need to translate from English to Spanish but when in the US it always makes me change the language so do not assume what I want and let me choose, I want my results in English but I want my default translation English to Spanish. Like other people here said, stop assuming what I want. You are making almost everyone have a Google account one way or another so why not give me a great configuration page to customer my searches the way I like them!!! That used to be a trend in search I do not know why it went away!

    As others have said, if I search for a domain name give me pertinent information on that domain not redirect me. Give ranking from Alexa or someone else, a link to the registrar to see the things on it, a tally of its link popularity (as if I had typed links:mydomain.com), and yes just in case the first link should be to that domain but do not ASSuME and forward me to that domain. When I do that I either want info as mentioned above or competitive sites to it or see if any results gives me something similar because I misspelled, give me information that is why I came to you for, do not forward me, I am intelligent enough to put the domain in the address bar, by forwarding me you are calling me an idiot. I came to you for information not to be treated like an idiot.

    Put my services (when I am logged in as little icons across the top of the page (going back to personalization but no configuration is needed here) so I can easily go see my analytics, gmail, webmaster tool, etc. without having to do 3 clicks. Leave these in every Google site. better yet register my google search tool so I can have it there as well, always and not have to login.

    Make a webmaster account that can gather ALL of the services for all of the websites you manage under one roof with one login. Right now I can’t do that because I sometimes need to give control of the service to the owners. So I need to give full acccess to any owner without affecting the other owners and I need to be able to separate the service and give it to the owners if they stop working with me. with those three things Google would have a great deal more organization and make webmaster’s lives alot easier.

    I ADORE Google, but I hate that often it treats me like an idiot like with the redirections and the insisting on taking you to the country’s google instead of the URL I typed (like somone else mentioned here), etc.

  • http://www.freebieads.co.uk/childhood-memoir.html memoir

    I want search results with more information/text either side of the keyword entered. I don’t want search results containing snipits. Granted, the snipits usually contain the search term. However, they often make little or no sense because of brevity!

  • http://humoraddict.blogspot.com Millie

    I wouldn’t like anything to be changed on Google…it is already so amazing and breathtaking! The searches are fast and relevant almost 100%, and the other services Google provides like Google reader, Google maps etc are more than fascinating!

    Maybe I can suggest an idea – when displaying search results for videos, if it’s possible for the user to play an extract from the video on the search results page – but it might slow things down I guess…

    Anyway, I love Google and there can be nothing better than it!


    – A great fan!

  • http://www.safetykitstore.com Tony

    I hate it when I search for a product I want to buy and find websites listed ranging from blogs to sites that define the term (wikipedia) and everything else mixed in between. Let me select if I want website results for that term to ‘buy’ (classifieds and e-commerce sites) or ‘research’ (blogs, definitions, descriptions, manuals, etc.)

    Also, give us filter options on the search result pages, so we don’t have to redo the search / advanced search every time we want to change one filter parameter.

  • http://www.thebookabyss.com.au Australian Bookshop

    great ideas. Lets hope some of the items on his wish list come to fruition.

  • http://www.realitist.com Bob

    When searching for say Anime Emergency I don’t mind google
    suggesting if I might have meant Animal Emergency, but don’t
    insist on it with Animal Emergency and ten different cities.

    And yes, way too many guys with the same site under ten
    different domains with only slightly different changes trying
    corner the market for things like data recovery.

  • Guest

    Google immediately dropped from Best Thing Ever On The Entire Internet to a state of near uselessness the moment they introduced “rankings” last year and made “popularity” the overriding factor in search results. All that should matter is relevance to the search term(s) entered. Instead, even specific unique phrases found on any particular website, and searched for using that phrase enclosed in quotes, are more often than not nowhere to be found in search results — meanwhile, utterly irrelevant results are displayed, most of those on the first several pages of results being in direct violation of Google’s supposed rules against keyword spamming.
    Additionally, even for many relevant sites which can eventually be found after clicking through several hundred search results, only one page of the site is displayed in the results, even though that page may appear to have little relevance to the search inquiry and different material more relevant to the search inquiry may be located on other pages of the site. Clearly, Google’s introduction of “popularity” to their search algorithm has corrupted the efficiency of the entire operation.

  • Guest

    Can you make a very simple link on all your Google search pages that links you straight to businesses big and small in each country.

    Keep it very very simple because every body has a small amount of time and they want to get to what they are wanting to look for easily, no roundabouts and visiting excessive pages to get where you want to go.

    Keep up your feedback facility, that is the smartest thing you could ever do and make this simple to use aswell. No one wants to speak and repeat themselves 4 or 5 times to different IT people or automatic replies etc


  • http://www.edparton.com Ed Parton

    Please take out all link farms, directories of directories, and lists of lists that come up when you type in a search.

    Just have the algorithm post relevant terms addressing the search, not just the first link that comes up with the most links in it or the most iterations of just the search term itself.

    It is so annoying to type in say “shakesphere” and get the first two pages of search be just directories of “English Literature” or London clubs. It should be items actually with the word Shakesphere as used in “THE AUTHOR” and not just be count of websites that have Shakesphere somewhere on the page.

  • Guest

    I dont like all of the images now on the search. If we wanted images we would go to google images.

  • http://www.ozarrivals.com.au Rishka

    I agree, that Google should return to be a search engine, not a redirecting engine, as some ‘SEO’ people gets their stuff to the top, when it has no relevalnce to the topic being searched. And may not even contain content, yet that URL was returned in the top 10 listings of google???

    What I would like is an extra row of radio buttons, below the region and all search buttons is
    Content/Articles/ Information websites
    Shopping websites

    That would really help me, as when I want to buy online I can be pointed to a shopping cart, to search for information not related to shopping then I would like to see content.

    I do not mind banner ads and buy now links, etc . but not be pointed to a shopping only cart URL , only because it returned in the top 10 results with no info, and then the product does not even exist in their inventory or even being available !

  • http://www.ozarrivals.com.au Rishka

    I agree, that Google should return to be a search engine, not a redirecting engine, as some ‘SEO’ people gets their stuff to the top, when it has no relevalnce to the topic being searched. And may not even contain content, yet that URL was returned in the top 10 listings of google???

    What I would like is an extra row of radio buttons, below the region and all search buttons is
    Content/Articles/ Information websites
    Shopping websites

    That would really help me, as when I want to buy online I can be pointed to a shopping cart, to search for information not related to shopping then I would like to see content.

    I do not mind banner ads and buy now links, etc . but not be pointed to a shopping only cart URL , only because it returned in the top 10 results with no info, and then the product does not even exist in their inventory or even being available !

  • http://www.writingconsultation.com Sarah

    His idea is brilliant. I have never thought about it but since I emailed search results’ links so I would like to see that changes as well.

  • http://www.easytourchina.com china tours

    google wants to keep its leading position in the search field, it does need the broader mind to accept the suggestions from different sources.

  • http://www.1-Dynamic-Design.com 1 Dynamic Design

    Hi, my name is Tonya. I am a Website Designer and a Social Media Marketing Specialist.
    I LOVE this question! I would love to see Google add more than 1 type of search engine
    results that would appear on the same page for every search engine inquiry.

    For example, let’s say that I do a search on Google for “website design”.

    Now, we get paid ads being displayed always at the top and natural search
    engine results show up underneath the paid ads. I would like to see this
    remain the same, but also add the following:

    -An INDEX with all of the websites listed in alphabetical order
    -Twitter results
    -YouTube Video results
    -Facebook results
    -MySpace results
    -Google Local Business Map results
    -Blogger Results
    -Miscellaneous Blog results

    *This new Google Web Page Layout would look like this below:

    Google could have a 8 column web page to where all of the paid
    ads still show up on top all the way across the page from left to right
    and then underneath the paid ads would be 4 columns and then
    another 4 columns which will make a total of 8 columns of
    Google Search Engine Results all appearing on the 1st page
    of results.

    -The 1st column would be for the INDEX that would list all of the websites that
    contained the keyword “website design” and list those websites in alphabetical order

    -The 2nd column would be for a list of Natural Search Engine Results
    for the keywords “website design”

    -The 3rd column to the right would be for Twitter results for the keywords “website design”

    -The 4th column to the right would be for Facebook Results

    -The 5th column would be for MySpace Results

    -The 6th column would be for blog results

    -The 7th column would be for Google Local Business Map Results

    -The 8th column would be for YouTube Video Results, etc

    *More columns can be added such as for ALL
    of the SHARE SITES like Digg, Yahoo Buzz, etc.

    The reason that I feel that this type of search engine result page would
    be more beneficial is because it would give more websites the opportunity
    to be seen on the 1st page of Google instead of being hidden under pages
    and pages of search engine results. Plus, it would give Google users
    more variety to click on.

    Think about it? Sometimes people are in the mood to read a short Tweet and
    other times people are in the mood to watch a short video about their search
    engine result. So why not give users BOTH results to select from on the same page.

    I would also like to see Google change their algorithm in order to display
    websites that are more current and up-to-date as an important part
    of their ranking factors because sometimes a website gets ranked high
    because they have hundreds of web pages on their site, but what about the
    1 or 2 year old website owner who has less pages, but newer content to share?

    Newer websites tend to have newer content anyway because they are working hard
    on adding new content to their site in order to get listed higher on search engines,
    so why shouldn’t Google give those new website a little boost in their rankings for
    their efforts in trying? If search engines do not give the little a guy/lady a try and
    help him or her out some with their page rankings, then more and more websites
    will fail and shut down which can become detrimental to the economy and to the
    Internet community.

    In my last college class in Information Technology/Visual Communication, my classmates
    and I had to create a user manual for Virtual Organizations. In our user manual, we talked
    about Facebook.com, MeetUp.com, and also about the University of Phoenix.
    I learned a very valuable lesson in our class and that was to give users
    a variety to select from.

    For example, when you are reading a book or an eBook, do you like to
    go straight to the INDEX, the TABLE OF CONTENTS, or to the GLOSSARY
    to find what you are looking for?

    Everyone is different and that is why it is best to offer all
    3 aspects in a book or in an eBook in order to please everyone.

    I feel that this same principle should be carried on in website design
    as well as in how search engines display their information to their users.
    I really LOVE this idea and I will be emailing a copy of my response here
    to Google in hopes that they will implement this NEW way for their users
    to retrieve information from Google search engines. Thank you for taking the
    time to read my response and please feel free to share my comment with others.

    Sincerely yours,
    Tonya Becker-Haddadeen
    in Stafford, VA, USA near Washington DC
    John 3:16

    *Please check out my website at

    *Also, please add me on Twitter at

    *And please add me on Facebook at

  • http://www.necseswebdesign.co.uk Barry Edge

    The thing I would change is the displaying of directory sites in natural listings – if I wanted to search a directory I would do so – I want to see websites – maybe Google could have a button that enables users to filter out/in directory sites.

    • http://www.bay-areawebdesign.com Bay Area Web Design

      Thanks for your post…… very similar to my own…….. glad to know others are out there that have had it with the Localized Directories dominating search results…….. especially for the 99% that were not even searching for a Directory t begin with. Obviously “if” they wanted a Local Directory” ….. that’s what they would be using or searching for.

      Maybe Google and the other major search engines will wake up and realize that they are actually driving the public into simply utilizing Directories to begin with by allowing Directories such dominance.

  • Guest

    I like the new web options that allowed results to be displayed in the last hour, or last day or last week, or last year.

    But hey, what about offering the last month? The gap between last week and last year is far too wide.

    • http://www.boostelearning.com Jeff

      You can get to 1 month by going over to the advanced search page, fyi. It would be nice to have it in one place, however.

  • http://www.SkyMaxMarketing.com Adam Skiba

    Amidst all the negative comments and personal wishes regarding what Google should do, I personally believe they shouldn’t do anything differently. Continue developing, building, testing and moving forward with technology. What’s right for the times at hand will surface, and those who waste time and energy on a “coulda, shoulda, woulda” attitude are only limiting themselves.

  • http://www.eztramadol.com TraMadol

    I agree that google is getting less and less relevant. im tired of searches for just about anything resulting in hundreds of listings for social network sites. im usually looking for relevant websites, not trying to find “friends”

  • Guest

    I was wondering if it’s possible to do a search of the search results Google returns. i.e. a search of a search. For example if I search for “elephants” I would enter “elephants” and then to further reduce and refine the search I should be allowed to do a search for example of all the youtube website results that appear initially in my search results of “elephants”.
    Thank you.

  • http://www.agoodread.com Judith

    I would change it to be more like Bing. Find it has more relevant searches for what I input.

  • http://www.bay-areawebdesign.com Bay Area Web Design

    What we would change in Google and other major search engines………

    Time and time again we find ourselves outnumbered and virtually outranked by Localized Directories for any searches relating to a city and product or service. An almost impossible task these days to SEO any local small business websites.

    Honestly, how many Directory Sites should be in the first 20 search results? Remember, they all have essentially the same information……. but yet search results are slap full of their listings rather than individual websites belonging to related local small businesses.

    At least that’s our opinion……… Localized Directories should make up no more that 30% of search results…..not 70% as they many times do now that there are so many.

  • http://dtjsoft.com A. Bernhardt

    I use Google the most because of the ability to search for images, newsgroups, along with webpages, and the ability to search cached webpages with the search words highlighted.

    However, when it comes to general search capability, I find Google doesn’t do a good job. I have to weed through too many irrelevent sites that do not contain the words or phrases I’m looking for. There needs to be a way to have Google find only the sites that contain the words or phrases entered.

  • John

    Let’s google to figure out by themselves, smart asses. Ran out of ideas ?

  • http://www.randgedichte.de Udo Frentzen

    I was looking for the ‘Fleisch Skat Club K

    • http://www.cjgraphy.com/ Christy J

      You should search by using quotes, something like this

      “Fleisch Skat Club K

  • http://www.bzeeness.com Sajib Dey

    Google must have options for optional search.

  • http://www.brain-waves-technology.com/ Guest

    Stop giving ranking preferences to AdSense Sites just to sell your ads!

    Google would deny this but search results do not………………

  • amit singh rana

    hi, off course there is no dought that google is best search engine and best social website, not social only even GATE of internet who know about all website. if some featchur will be change in google it will be more helpfull to user.

    1. if we enter any word to search in search box then google give so many resut, that result some times not usefull for user because in some website if single word will be there then google will give, even some document is some where then also it give in result, so google have to categarise the result in result page, like this is website, this is related to documents, this is related to audio file, video file etc.

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