What Works on Twitter May Work on Your eCommerce Site

    June 16, 2009
    Chris Crum

A while back, I wrote a piece on a company called IMShopping, which was using Twitter for a fresh approach to eCommerce. Essentially what the company was doing was using a Twitter account to answer questions consumers have about products they are seeking, aiming to bring a human element often lacking in the online retail world.

"Just send any shopping question as an @IMshopping within Twitter (i.e. @IMshopping Where can I find an authentic Larry Bird jersey for under $100? OR @IMshopping Where can I find a LG stainless steel, bottom-freezer refrigerator for under $1000?)," a spokesperson for IMshopping explained to WebProNews.

IMshopping on Twitter

The company was utilizing Twitter in a way that now is actually pretty common. Like Danny Sullivan was recently telling Mike McDonald of WebProNews at SMX Advanced, a lot of Twitter searching is done simply through tweeting.

Now IMShopping has announced it is extending its services to be actually used on retail sites  themselves. Here’s an example of how it could look:

IMshopping on eCommerce Sites

"After seeing significantly high conversion rates and traffic growth after our launch, we decided to extend our platform to etailers," said IMshopping CEO and Founder, Prashant Nedungadi, "We’re looking forward to providing a vital component missing from so many online retail platforms – human-assisted shopping suggestions."

What About Those Conversion Rates?

Want some numbers? Since IMshopping’s beta launch in April 2009, the site has answered more than 14,000 questions. Early tests indicate 15.48% customer conversion rates and 71.43% click-through rates (CTR) according to the company.