What Twitterers Want: News

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Twitter can be a lot of things for a lot of different people. However, according to online ad network Chitika, more of them want news than anything else. Chitika released results from a study of its users, looking at what Twitter users want.

Chitika categorized the sites that get the most links from Twitter. Here’s how it shakes out by genre according to the ad network:

Most Popular Genres for Twitter

"Given Twitter’s unique ability to bring information instantly to large numbers of people, it’s not surprising that news leads the way," says Chitika. "From being the first to publish pictures of a Turkish Airlines plane crash to the social network’s breaking of US Airways Flight 1549’s dramatic crash into the Hudson River earlier this year, Twitter’s instantaneous and collaborative nature has made it out to be the bleeding edge of all news."

"Compare Twitter’s results, though, with older, more established social network Facebook, and the value and perception of Twitter’s speed become more obvious," the network adds. "While news sites do receive a good deal of Facebook’s referrals, they lag behind tech and lifestyle sites – tech sites dominate Facebook’s traffic with over 33% of the network’s referrals going there."

Here’s how Chitika’s numbers for Facebook traffic look:

Most Popular Genres for Facebook

On a semi-related note, a new real-time news discovery site called Thoora just launched. Thoora was a finalist of the TechCrunch50, and describes itself as a way to help people discover news attracting the most attention within social and traditional media by exploring the entire blogosphere, Twitter, and thousands of traditional media sources. Twitterers who are after the news may find such a service useful.

What Twitterers Want: News
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  • http://www.lerentech.com Web Design & SEO Syracuse

    This makes sense, I don’t see much use for twitter with the exception of transmitting breaking news, especially on a hyper-local level. This Thoora sounds like a brilliant idea!

  • http://www.helpguide.ca/ Help Guide

    Thanks for the article. I’ve been wondering for a while why people, other than teenagers, would want to twitter. You have helped answer the question.

  • Guest

    You may be right but personally, I dislike seeing tweaks with nothing but links to other websites. At the very least, a brief comment about the news would be nice instead of the headline being repeated again and again in numerous tweaks.

  • http://www.tibetreisen.de Guest

    i want to know, how twitter effects die other websites?

  • http://www.liveambitions.com Steve

    I mean what else can you do with Twitter…? Not much you can do with 140 characters. I guess you can always read tweets about someone eating their lunch or someone going to the bathroom.

  • http://www.impactmedialtd.co.uk/search-engine-marketing-services/link-building.htm Tim Tav

    The other thing that Twitter can be of great use for is Market Research. it’s just about the most rapid form of feedback you can get. “Listening” in on what twitterers are saying about your brand can help solve problems or jump on emerging products faster.

    The comment above about repeating news headlines is valid. Why not use the space to interpret news. Ask yourself, what does this mean? Why would people want to know about this?

  • http://www.sweetbusinesses.com Teasastips

    This data reflects what I discovered when I first tried Twitter out. Whenever I tweeted about breaking news, or interesting news, I got retweeted a lot more. If I just tweeted about a new blog post, it rarely got retweeted. People are interested in what’s going on in the world, and then they make a decision to follow you because your tweets are ‘better’ than the rest, and they can count on you to provide them with information.

  • http://www.onqsm.com Jeff Q.

    Help Guide,
    Teenagers are starting to use Twitter now finally but in all the demographic research done until recently, teenagers were hardly using it at all compared to people in older groups. Teenage use is growing now in the most recent Pew survey but it’s still not the top group using twitter.

  • http://amplify.com eric goldstein

    This is why we’ve created amplify.com – we totally support the serendipitous nature of the way people meet each other and find content on twitter, but we wanted to provide an environment that just focuses on the slice of the pie that pertains to news discovery and conversation.

  • http://www.nauka-jezyka-angielskiego.com.pl/nauka-jezyka-angielskiego-metoda-callana/ Angielski

    I’d incessantly want to be update on new content on this website , bookmarked ! .

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    I your writing style really enjoying this website .

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