What Portable Media Player Owners Want

    September 24, 2007

When portable media player owners choose which videos to buy they want compelling video content that will look good on their small screens, according to Parks Associates, "Portable Multimedia Players: Analysis and Forecasts" report.

 What Portable Media Player Owners Want
What Portable Media Player Owners Want

Forty-four percent of portable media player owners said appealing video content and optimized video viewing were their main motivations to watch more videos on the portable platform, while 33 percent are motivated by the cost of content, 19 percent by personalization and connectivity features, and 16 percent by ease of use.

"The PMP market has not reached one tenth of its potential yet, and this data explains why," commented Harry Wang, Senior Analyst and author of the report.

"None of the PMP vendors have a perfect score on these five mega factors, although Apple clearly leads the pack in fulfilling the high-ranking needs of the PMP early adopters."

"If they act quickly enough, Apple’s competitors can take advantage of this rare showing of vulnerability in an otherwise a seamless execution of the iPod+iTunes model," Wang said.