What People Are Saying About Microsoft Windows 7

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Machines with Microsoft’s Windows 7 went on sale today. Unsurprisingly, it is one of the hottest topics on the web. Everybody’s talking about it on Twitter. Everybody’s searching for it. Microsoft and Windows queries are all over Google’s Hot Trends list. Everybody wants to know more about Windows 7.

Well, let’s look at what people are saying about it. Here’s a sample from the Twitterverse:

Windows 7 Tweets

For a little more meat on the subject, let’s take a look at some recent videos uploaded to YouTube about Windows 7. First, here is CBS talking about the release:

Here is a review:

Here is a longer review:

Here is a comparison with Vista:

Windows 7 is now available on new PCs and is available as an upgrade on some old ones. Have you tried it yet? We’d love to know what you think about the operating system. Let us know.

What People Are Saying About Microsoft Windows 7
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  • http://www.cashdayz.com Guest

    Looks like another Vista. Be ready for things “NOT TO WORK” after upgrading. Most of the visual effects have been done long ago in Linux with compiz, a vastly more sophisticated system. Too bad Micro$oft doesn’t focus on getting the system more secure and stop selling this virus/malware magnet. I’m not impressed…

  • BSLO

    Thanks for the resourceful review!

    I got my first look at Windows 7 this week and my initial reaction was “so far, so good.”

    “So far” being the key phrase of that statement.

    New operating systems are almost always an improvement, and will almost always generate some sort of enthusiasm or buzz within the first couple months.

    But until the user sits down and gets a feel for what a new OS is all about (outside the VirtualBox), you’re not going to understand the product’s deficiencies … or its notable improvements.

    The reality being you need at least 4-6 months under your belt before you can conclude how successful an OS is for you. And that’s the bottom line, how successful is this system to you and your work environment?
    Here are my Top 7 reasons Windows 7 could be a success, and Top 7 reasons it could be a failure:


  • http://www.fixpcfreeze.com Mats

    The Windows 7 (Why 7 ? Lucky number ?) seems to be looking good to me. The videos are good. The first one on top seems to be silent. What is the price you pay for it ?

  • Guest

    This is not another Vista! I’ve been on XP forever and just made the switch to 7. Like many I found OSX to be supieror to Vista and XP, but was stuck on a MS machine because certain business apps.

    Windows 7 has incorporated many of the things that are great about OSX, while maintaining a very reactive and crisp computing experience. No OSX pinwheel of death here! So far 7 is proving to be fast and very stable.

    Also anyone who games will notice substantially better performance over XP and Vista.

    Thumbs up Microsoft!

  • veggiedude

    Did you know that Windows 7 can accommodate 192 GB of RAM.

    Snow Leopard can only accommodate 16 TB of RAM. Oh wait… that is 16,000 GB.

    I guess time to rewrite the core OS and make Windows 8 the best Windows ever!

    • http://www.visibleinter.net/ Visible Internet

      What is any mac user doing that they need anywhere near even 1 TB of RAM?

  • veggiedude

    Windows 7 is basically Vista with the problems ironed out, so I do not see how any big problem can occur – in fact it should be the smoothest transition in Microsoft history – at least for the prior Vista owners.

    • Guest


  • oleg212

    Ok so I decided to install vista on my old computer which has 512mb ram and a 2.8ghz dual core. So far so good will I experience any problems guys? I used to run XP before on it. I am gonna test Vista on it and then install 7

  • Vegastoday

    Hi everyone

    I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 the other day which was a painless process however there is a bug in the software that when you go to shut down everytime it comes up with an OEx7…. error which means that none one as tested the software fully and again rushed the software out. When are MS going to learn? Oh, I forget thats how they make money with the patches and updated software because of the bugs….. 8-)

    Also, I may be old fashioned but on the previous versions of ie. Vista, XP, 2000, 98 etc at least you could switch to the Classic Start menu which I like but on Windows 7 there is no option to do this from what I can find….

    Overall my impression is it is ok but there are lots of “chinks” and “bugs” to fix which like Vista took quite while ti iron out and it is very “arty” but when you are in business and just like to get things done it can slow you down. Also it has a knack of putting the desktop icon on the side which has no tag on so unless you know where it is you could be hunting forever…..

    Would like to know other peoples thoughts are thanks however will stick with it as am sure it can only get better



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