What Online Customers Really Want

    March 12, 2002

We have all heard the horror stories and watched as one dot.com after another bit the cyberdust into oblivion. They may have had multimillion dollar budgets and a staff of hundreds of employees but they all made a fatal error; they forgot to put the customer first.

That is not surprising since most business schools in America teach that the most important thing in business is Money. That fatal error was naturally played out online but with more immediate effects that are now all too obvious.

Money is not the most important thing in business; it is the customer.


Because it is the customer that brings in the money to a business.

The impersonal nature of the Internet made that old business strategy die before it was even born. And it deserves to go the way of extinction.

It is time that the customer was made ‘Top Priority’.

The online business experience must be virtually perfect and saving that nothing in this world can possibly be perfect, it must be geared for the inevitable foul ups that occur due to too much Internet traffic or other such strange glitches as are known to happen online.

The most flawless way to conduct business online is via email. The drawback here is SPAM.

If you bring a web site into play, then you need to make it as painless as possible for your customers.

Here are a few basics that online customers want:

1. Net savvy customers dislike slow downloads of web pages and graphics. There is a need for speed.

2. Navigation that makes no sense is another big problem.

3. Limited selection will cause customers to look elsewhere.

4. Online order systems must be flawless and offer an alternative in case of breakdown.

5. Provide FREE content to wet the appetite of your customer.

Unless you learn to care for your customers online, then you too will go the way of the dinosaur and those Dot.coms.

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