What Is The Russian Online Population?

    February 6, 2008

What is the Internet population of Russia? It depends on if you believe comScore World Metrix who says that in September 2007 Russian Internet penetration was 12 percent with 14 million users or eMarketer who predicts Russia will have more than 40 million Internet user by the end of the year.


The difference is how the two firms count Russian Internet users. comScore counts users who are 15 and older, while eMarketer counts those who are 3 and older. comScore’s count did not include the fourth quarter of 2007, omitting any users added during that time.


In addition comScore does not count access from Internet cafes or mobile devices. Leaving out those factors would clearly reduce the Internet penetration and population in Russia.

If Russia does reach 40 million Internet users by the end of the year they will be second in population only to Germany. The Russian-based Public Opinion Foundation released Internet penetration figures for the country at the end of 2007. The firm said that 23 percent of the Russian adult population used the Internet at least monthly.