What Is DHTML?

    January 1, 2001

It’s actually a little tough to get a handle on because it’s beginning to mean different things to a few different people. The actual term stands for Dynamic Hypertext Mark-Up Language. That’s obvious.

The essence of the term stands for almost any coding that creates movement or interactivity by employing the standards of the 4.0 level Netscape and MSIE browsers.

But there was movement before with animation and interactivity with forms…

Yeah, see… that’s the rub. For something to be considered DHTML it has to employ version 4.0 browsers. Again, an argument I’ve heard is that DHTML is only viable if it occurs within the Explorer 4.0 browser. I’ve heard DHTML discussed as being PowerPoint for the Web.

On the other hand, some people have stated that DHTML includes Netscape’s Layering Commands.

The best description I can offer is that DHTML is any combination of Style Sheets, JavaScript, Layering, Positioning, and Page Division at the 4.0 browser level, intended to create movement or user interactivity…

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