What Happens When NBA Ballers Play Soccer?


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Steve Nash, aside from being one of the best known players in the NBA, is something of a soccer aficionado; and so, he holds annual soccer matches for charitable purposes with a mix of professional soccer and NBA players. While the soccer pros preform just fine, sometimes the NBA players go a little bit out of their comfort zone. The result?

Mike Dunleavy getting hit in the face by an Elton Brand shot attempt.

If you're a Duke hater, it will only make an awesome video even more glorious. Just in case you miss it the first time through, fear not, the put Dunleavy's face-ball on a little loop so you can relive it again and again:

As well-know sports blogger Matt Ufford said, this video is very necessary.

Over at Yahoo's NBA blog, Ball Don't Lie, Dan Devine has an even better take, courtesy of Dunleavy's face:

That said, I'm having a really hard time envisioning an NBA player who is a more appropriate subject for this kind of story — I think Mike Dunleavy Jr. is easily the most "hit in the face by a soccer ball" player in today's NBA. Who else would be in the running?

That's a good question, actually. My vote would be for LeBron, but that's because people still love to hate the reigning NBA Finals MVP. Other Duke players who should be up for consideration? The newly-drafted Austin Rivers.

Lastly, props to Google for using Dunleavy's drunk pic as part of his Google Profile sidebar widget. That's almost as good as their take on Lionel Richie.