What Happened To The McStay Family?


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The McStay family disappeared over three years ago under suspicious circumstances. Authorities recently found the remains of the McStay's, but the mystery of their disappearance continues. The remains were found in a shallow grave in the Californian desert. Dental records confirmed that two of the remains found were that of Joseph and Summer McStay and investigators believe the other two may be their children.

Many people have theorized about what could have happened to the family. At the time of their disappearance, their friends and family members did not notice any strange behavior. The family left food out on the counters and their dogs home without food or water. They also left behind important personal items including Summer's prescription sun glasses and $100,000 in the bank. This led investigators to believe that they left in a hurry and did not intend to stay gone for very long.

The family was in debt and according to a neighbor and landlord, ccould barely afford to pay their $210 rent for an apartment where they were living. Strangely, the couple had recently purchased a $320,000 house and seemed to have a fairly large bank account. These curious details have led many people to suspect one of the McStay's was possibly involved in drug trafficking or other illegal activities that may have led to their deaths. Others believe the family simply crossed the border on their own freewill to escape their money troubles.

Authorities confirmed that the McStays were victims of homicide but did not offer details about how they were murdered. Law enforcement expert John Carman says that the shallow graves where the bodies were buried and the fact that the graves were near the highway shows that the murders were not done by a professional, but rather someone in a hurry. What do you think happened to the McStay family?

Image from NDN Inc.