What Facebook Announced Today at f8

More change on the Facebook horizon

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What Facebook Announced Today at f8
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Facebook is currently holding its annual f8 developer conference. You may recall last year when they launched the Open Graph and social plugins. This year, CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced the main attraction – the “Timeline” and the new Open Graph to go along with it.

Before that, SNL’s Andy Samberg took the stage, impersonating Zuckerberg, in a follow-up to an SNL sketch that came out after The Social Network. When the real Zuck took the stage, he announced that Facebook surpassed a milestone in that last week it had half a billion people using Facebook in a single day.

The Timeline, is basically the new Facebook profile pages, which is designed to capture the user’s entire life through updates, places, music, video, pictures, and various apps. It’s certainly less boring than the profile of today. It kind of looks like what Myspace should have done.

The company announced that all kinds of music, video, news, game and lifestyle apps will be taking advantage of the new open graph, and these will be integrated into not only the news feed, but the new ticker and the timeline. Apps will cater to all kinds of actions, beyond the “like”. You will see when people are listening to music, watching videos, reviewing restaurants and all kinds of stuff.

The Timeline will be rolling out over the next few weeks. Developers working on video/music-related apps can start working on new apps for the new open graph, and everyone else can after the timeline rolls out. Zuckerberg said he wants people to get familiar with the timeline.

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f8: Music, Video, News, Games, Lifestyle Apps

What Facebook Announced Today at f8
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  • Robyn

    The new features on Facebook STINK!!! And thanks to the moron programmers they’ve deleted ALL my photo’s, deleted my family and friends 4 times!!!
    Sick and tired of having to re-add everyone. The straw that broke the camels back is finding my 250+ photo’s deleted!!!! If it’s not broke, don’t fix it FACEBOOK!!!!

  • http://www.ferreemoney.com Neil Ferree

    I wonder if the Plussers guys are liking this or wondering how fast they can play catch up?

  • Amish Hacker

    If I didn’t hate Google so much I’d feel bad for them. Google + no doubt will die soon. Facebook is on a roll. How many social networks does one need anyway? No, Myspace is not a valid argument. The old school, big beer belly, ole capitalists ran Myspace into the ground.

  • http://www.michigancommonlaw.com Commonlaw

    Facebook was fine, all this new stuff really sucks! Also I do not care for facebook selling my information to the FBI. Facebook has a database that the Bankers and government drool over! As Commonlaw judge I suggest facebook reviews and modifies their privacy policy before the people rebel!

    • ElectricHman

      Unfortunately your information has already been collected before facebook! And privacy rights have been thrown out many decades ago, maybe even generations ago by politicians and judges who feel their need to control people and information to protect themselves from prosecution. As we all know; political greed, selfishness, and power have destroyed this country and the very foundations as which it was set in it’s original context.
      I am actually on the terrorist watch list; because my government trained me to be an exceptional paratrooper, with my stent in the army. This automatically qualifies me as a terrorist according to Home Land Securities measures, policies, and procedures.
      I do feel for you, and your concerns about your freedoms! This we should not take lightly. Yet, I feel America has had enough of our government, already with it’s forced compliance policy. I know I have, and I refuse to keep silent about what they are doing.
      Facebook on the other hand is trivial compared to the secret stuff that goes on in congress and with American intelligence gathering entities. God bless Judge !!!

  • http://docsheldon.com Doc Sheldon

    I wouldn’t be too quick to count Google+ out for the count yet, folks. The Z’s not one of my favorite people, but I have to give him credit for making things happen, at least. The fact that we may not like the way they implement their changes has never held them back before… I doubt it’s likely to now.

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that Z is talking about what they’re going to roll out… Google has only recently started to roll out, and they’re far from done yet.

    I think the fat lady has plenty of time to warm up her voice yet.

  • m

    change it back to what it was a week ago.

  • scott

    They both make me puke!

  • BMD

    Sounds like it’s getting close to deleting my account time, why is it company’s like this are always making changes without asking all the people that use it for feedback?

    They already have a captive audience, just post the question… would you like this or how about if we change this.


  • Kristine

    Life is all about changes – we have to accept them and move on, if you can’t you will live the rest of your life running in circles complaining about the changes life throws you.

    • http://www.ssrichardmontgomery.com ron

      I suppose you work for them do you,If it is not broke dont fix it perfect before they touched it,pointless & annoying.PUT IT BACK facbook!before you lose customers.

  • http://www.bookreviewsbyangy.com Angy

    I am tired of being told when my friends are playing games. Most people I chat to want to turn off the ticker which is seen as boring and intrusive.

  • http://antalyaresorts.org antalya resorts

    I wonder when all this social network time wasting will end. People soon will forget that they have a real life while trying to promote themselves with latest vacation and party photos to show how they are cool.

  • Haytham Ghareeb

    I, for one, love the new changes made. I find everything conveniently at my finger tips. It is called a social site. If you don’t want to socialize, don’t join. We add friends then forget about them but with these changes, I know when my friend needs me to say “congrats”, “my condolences”, “happy for u” ….Now, I can’t forget any of my friends, thus, I am socializing. Thank you face book. Now if only you can add 2 things…The ability to customize my profile page a bit and to select all friends when sending gifts or invites instead of ticking each box separately.

  • Trespasser

    Too right, well said. I for one cant stand the changes, i dont need to be informed when my friend wipes their a$$ or that my long lost cousin’s sister was nearly raped to death by aliens. Its all too much information, if I want to know what someones doing.. i’ll do it the old fashioned way and ask them, I dont have the desire to be force fed information because some over paid, over rated, over educated twat thinks its a good idea.

  • http://www.seonorthamerica.com Tom Aikins

    So now Mark wants to capture my entire life on Facebook? What if I don’t want my entire life on Facebook. What’s coming next? Why don’t they just keep doing what they’re doing instead of having to continually up the ante?

  • http://bea-captures.blogspot.com/ bea

    another changes…. maybe for the better and otherwise… see for yourself..

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